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GTS Overview

​​The Global Transaction Services (GTS) Group serves as a key product management and product development group within CIB, and oversees the product areas of Cash Management, Trade Services and Global Securities Services.
The objective of the GTS Group is to provide transparency, efficiency and value added services to CIB clients by offering a comprehensive range of transactional banking products and services, with a focus on superior customer service and efficient transaction processing capabilities.
Cash Management
CIB is a provider of standardized and tailored cash management products and solutions, aimed at improving the management of incoming and outgoing payments, streamlining reconciliation and information management, and enhancing working capital for our clients.
Trade Services
CIB is a market leading trade services institution and provides its clients with both standardized trade services products as well as non-conventional trade finance solutions.
Global Securities Services and Custody
The Global Securities Services Division is a market leading custodian bank since 2000 and is the sole sub-custodian for all Egyptian DR programs and the premier provider of trustee services in the market.
Contact persons:
Ahmed El-Gaby
Head of Global Securities Services
Work: +202 27903451
Mostafa Anwar
Head of Cash Management
Work: +202 37471285
Abo El Makarem El Gindy
Head of Trade Finance
Work: +202 27903606​