Corporate Leasing Company Egypt S.A.E. (CORPLEASE)
CORPLEASE has been successfully operating in the Egyptian leasing market since 2004. The company provides leasing products and services tailored to meet corporate capital expenditure needs for a wide variety of assets, which includes commercial real estate, equipment financing, plant and machinery, transportation assets, systems & IT, office equipment and fleet management. CORPLEASE is at the leading edge of innovation in the domestic leasing industry with a clear business model, an ambitious vision and impressive growth plans. The company is continually investing in its resources to maintain high standards of service and to meet the needs and requirements of a diverse base of customers. Since inception, CORPLEASE has adopted conservative credit underwriting and risk management principles which have resulted in a well-diversified and high quality portfolio that reacted well to the changes in the business environment. The quality of the company's lease portfolio remains robust, with a collection rate in excess of 97%.
Corplease is owned by leading financial institutions, namely Commercial International Bank SAE (43.48%), CIB Social Insurance Fund (13.14%), DEG - Germany part of the KfW Bank (19.27%), and UBAF- France an affiliate of the Credit Agricole Group (14.45%).
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