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Business Banking E-Solution Services

​​​​​​​E-Banking Solutions and Services enables you to follow up on your business, manage your accounts and basically execute all banking related services through the comfort of your own office with no need to visit the branch.

This can be done through two solutions:

A) Business Banking Access Card
- This card is an exclusive solution for you to access your company’s account via internet.You will receive an access card as per your request to login to your accounts online for general inquiries including account balance inquiry, product and benefit inquiry and statement regeneration

B) Global Transaction Services Advanced Solution (GTS)
- The objective of the GTS Group is to provide transparency, efficiency and value added services to your company by offering a comprehensive range of transactional banking products and services, with a focus on superior customer service and efficient transaction processing.

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Saving time and money is a key to the growth of a successful Business. To help you  achieve this goal, CIB is proud to introduce the newly developed online trade module "CIB Trade Online".
CIB Trade Online is a unique and innovative online solution allowing you to:

  • Complete, review, submit and receive your international trade transactions
  • Access a wide range of reporting features
  • Improve turn-around time by avoiding daily trips to the bank
  •  Benefit from more efficient operational processing
  • Experience greater transparency and real-time status updates on your transactions

We are also proud to present our new online banking module "CIB Cash Online", specifically developed for our premier business and corporate clients. CIB Cash Online was developed on four guiding principles as follows:

  • Simplicity – simplifying the way you transact with CIB
  • Convenience – offering a more convenient and time efficient channel
  • Transparency – providing you with greater transparency on all your banking activities
  • Control – giving you increased security and improved control over your transactions

C) Deposit Card
This card allows on the road designated officer from your company or yourself to deposit cash throughout the day utilizing our ATMs across Egypt.