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CIB Super Business Account


​​​​​​​​​The CIB Super Business account offers your company exclusive benefits and services to manage your business efficiently and conveniently with round the clock 24/7 access to your accounts for better cash management and unique benefits unlike any other bank.

If your esteemed company chooses CIB as its bank of choice you will benefit from the following FREE services:

  • Account opening with no minimum balance required
  • Cheque book 24 leaves issuance upon your subscription to the account once / year 
  • Debit card​ issuance  
  • You will enjoy a discount of 50% on all banking fees & charges implemented through the online channels 
  • Possibility of enjoying a daily interest on your current account in local currency


You can benefit from all of the above features and services for a monthly subscription fees of EGP 200, this monthly fees is waived when maintaining an average minimum balance of EGP 150K.

​*Any transaction implemented through any CIB branch or outlet will be subject to the normal announced bank tariff with no discount applied

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