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Direct Investment Group

The Direct Investment Group (DIG) is CIB's "investment arm," the team that handle's the Bank's direct equity finance transactions.

DIG invests significant minority stakes in private companies that show growth potential through clear business models, competent management, aligned shareholders, and solid fundamentals. During the holding period, DIG works to add value, finding synergies between CIB and the company that will support its growth and participating actively on the company's board of directors. We strive to make our partnership a "win-win" relationship.

DIG allocates its investment funds to specific industries to build a portfolio that optimizes CIB's return on investment.

Investment Parameters

Geographical Focus: Egypt and the MENA region

Ownership Level: Up to 40% of a company's paid in capital

Investment Focus: High-potential sectors and industries

Investment Structure: Shareholders agreement, rights protection, and Board of Directors representation

Transaction Size: Up to EGP 500M

Holding Period: 3-5 years extendable

Company Characteristics:

  • Privately held
  • Offers opportunities for mutual benefit
  • Reputable co-partners and shareholders
  • Highly competent management
  • Profitable operations with foreseeable cash flows
  • Strong corporate governance
  • Abides by all social and environmental laws and regulations in countries where it operates
  • Offers a clear and viable exit strategy