CIB Business Online

CIB Business Online is the latest digital financial solution channel for CIB's corporate and business banking clients. It provides you with a flexible and secure online channel to help you run daily business transactions efficiently.

The system is a result of CIB's ongoing efforts to adopt the most advanced digital transformation strategies and groups CIB's Cash Online and Trade Online systems in one platform. The newly developed Supply Chain Finance system has also been added for clients to manage and finance their payables and receivables with greater ease.

Your business success is our business with our online solutions

Main Features:

  • One Portal: A single, user-friendly portal encompassing four of our important digital channels.
  • Cash Management Services: Online processing and monitoring of cash operations, transfers and account balances.
  • Trade Finance Services: A few, simple steps to conduct your international trade transactions online: complete, review, submit and receive.
  • Reporting: Instant report generation on all transactions in various formats to ensure spot reconciliation, including MT940 SWIFT format reports.
  • Full Treasury and Liquidity Modules: Detailing complex transactions such as Treasury Bonds, bills, FX  deals, and more.
  • Supply Chain Finance Services: A feature that serves buyers and suppliers by granting the latter lending facilities (receivables financing and invoice discounting). 
  • Compatibility: Easy access to the portal through various devices, including PCs, laptops, smart phones and tablets.
  • 24/7 Availability: A web-based portal that allows you full accessibility any time of the day.
  • Real-Time Updates: Ongoing, real-time updates on transactions.
  • Robust, Multi-Layer Security: The highest multi-layered security standards, including the use of One Time Password (OTP) tokens.
  • Task Assigning Tool: The ability to assign transactions or tasks to specific users across different matrix levels.
  • Search Function for Specific Accounts or Beneficiaries: Easy searching through long lists of existing account numbers and beneficiary names.
  • Systems Integration: Solid integration between all core CIB banking systems to facilitate processing transactions on the spot.


Joining CIB Business Online

To join the service, inquire through your relationship manager or visit your CIB branch and our team will assist you with the service application. After filling it in, hand it to your relationship manager or to the team assisting you at the branch. We encourage you to contact us for help with filling in the application.

Get an appointment with our team to activate the service for you and to provide you with training.

Contact our Digital Contact Center on 16644.

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CIB Business Online FAQs.pdf 

Corporate Business Online Banking.pdf

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For more details, Please contact us through e-mail on for cash management and for trade finance.