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Cash Online

​​​CIB is proud to present its new online banking module called CIB Cash Online, specifically developed for and offered to our premier business and corporate clients.


CIB Cash Online was developed on four guiding principles:
  • Simplicity – simplifying the way you transact with CIB
  • Convenience – offering a more convenient and time efficient channel
  • Transparency – providing you with greater transparency of all your banking activity
  • Control – giving you increased security and improved control over your transactions
CIB Cash Online includes the following functionality:
  • Full access to all your accounts and loan balances
  • Real time visibility of account balances and movements
  • Initiation of internal and external payments
  • Scheduling of future dated payment transactions
  • Bulk file upload capability for payroll files, etc.
  • Search functionality for research and reconciliation purposes
  • Customizable reporting module
  • Secure e-mail capability, offering a safe and secure way to communicate to the bank
CIB Cash Online gives you control and visibility over your banking activities and will save you time and money through its automated processes and elimination of paperwork.

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