Hemaya Fund

Hemaya Fund is the first mutual fund in the Egyptian market with capital protection, one-year tenor, and monthly subscriptions and redemptions. Invest for one year with full protection of your capital, while accumulating high returns.


  • Full capital protection: Benefit from growth in the Egyptian stock market and have your initial capital fully protected at maturity.
  • Short-term investment: Hemaya Fund is the only open-ended capital-protected fund in the Egyptian market with a one-year tenor.
  • High accumulated returns: Allocate up to 25% of your investment in local equities to improve your returns, while remaining protected from market down-turns.
  • Monthly subscriptions and redemptions: Subscriptions and redemptions can be placed during the last five business days of every month until 12:00 p.m. at any of CIB's more than 180 branches throughout Egypt.
  • Professional management: Hemaya Fund is professionally managed by CI Capital Asset Management.
  • Diversification: Hemaya provides diversification through investing in a variety of financial instruments.

    Investment Guidelines
Asset TypeMaximum Allocation
Fixed-income instruments Deposits
Treasury Bills
Treasury Bonds
Bond Repurchase Agreements (Repos)
Similar mutual, money-market, and fixed-income funds20% of portfolio
Local equities25% of the net asset value of the fund
Sector 25% of the equity portion of the portfolio
Corporate stocks and bonds for related parties 20% of portfolio



  • Minimum subscription is 50 units.
  • A subscription fee of 0.25% is charged
  • No redemption fee


For more information, please call 19666 or visit your nearest CIB branch.

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