​​​​​​​​​Osoul Fund

Benefit from the expertise of a professionally managed money-market portfolio through Investment fund that offers accumulated daily income and high liquidity.

Osoul Fund is a money-market fund, launched in 2005, to invest locally in a variety of securities in order to offer both individuals and corporate investors an accumulated daily income with short- and medium-term liquidity.

Diversified Risk 

With an initial size of EGP 500 million, Osoul Fund offers daily accumulated returns across short- and medium-term investments.


The fund invests in a variety of local short-term fixed-income securities, such as term deposits, treasury bills, treasury bonds, and corporate bonds. The fund does not invest in equities.

Investment Guidelines

Asset Type Maximum Allocation
Cash and Certificates of Deposit 75% of portfolio
Treasury Bills 100% of portfolio
Treasury Bonds 49% of portfolio
Corporate Bonds 49% of portfolio
Investment Certificates in similar funds 40% of portfolio


Subscription and Redemption

Osoul Fund provides daily liquidity until 12:00 noon. Access to the fund's shares is available daily through CIB's more than 180 branches, with daily subscription and redemption free of charge.*

Investment Advantages

  • Investor can monitor the fund's daily performance through CIB's website, which shows the previous day's results
  • Investors can monitor the performance of their investment on the business pages of their weekly newspaper
  • Corporate investors earn returns free of tax


Customers Benefits

  • High accumulated return
  • Tax exemption for retail and corporate customers
  • Low risk investment

Further ​more…

For more information, please call 19666 or visit your nearest CIB branch.

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