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Strategic Relations

CIB takes pride in the fact that it is the sole bank operating in Egypt with such a unique “focus group”, dedicated to servicing its prime Institutional Depositors. SRG carries out this function with 8 highly qualified professionals, whose role is to ensure that our customers receive superior, personalized services, catering to their unique business needs. The market segment covered by SRG includes over 70 strategic entities, representing the world’s most renowned and prestigious Donor and Development Agencies, as well as the vast majority of their sovereign Diplomatic Missions. SRG’s jurisdiction also covers the world’s largest Airline companies.

SRG’s edge is in working closely with each client individually, designing innovative tailor-made services to suit the unique nature of the various business and operational needs of the clients under its jurisdiction. Personalized products and services require a willingness to invest the Bank’s available recourses … and … CIB takes a lead in that respect.

Over the years the SRG function has proven to be a great success. As a result, CIB is committed to fostering these relationships by continuing to render support to, and sponsorship of the SRG, to ensure client satisfaction as well as shareholder value.

Strategic Relations Group Products & Services:
  • Fully Secured & Unsecured Overdraft Facilities.
  • Immediate Credit Facilities.
  • Corporate Credit Cards.
  • Special discounts on Bank Charges.
  • Tailored IT Solutions, according to customer’s requirements, like but not limited to: 
    •  Tuition Fee collection – Deposit Monitoring and Reporting – Fund Management – Visa Collection - BSP (Bank Settlement Plan, designed for the clearing and settlement of Airline/Agent payments)
  • Preferential Rates on T/Ds and Current Accounts.
  • Banking Unit at Customer Premises - Mobile Tellers upon request.
  • Special Pricing for Staff Loans.​​​