Our Commitment

CIB aspires to play a prominent role in sustainable business development. Respecting human rights is an integral part of responsible business behavior and builds on our corporate values. CIB aims to fulfill the society's expectations by treating people conscientiously and with dignity. As we incorporate human rights principles into our policies and regulations, we also encourage our business stakeholders to do likewise, recognize and respect human rights.



CIB functions in a highly controlled environment that which incorporates laws and regulations designed to rectify that customers' business and operations do not involve unethical activities as money laundering or terrorist financing.  CIB Human Rights' commitment impacts and influences all the different internal and external stakeholders.


1. Staff Members

Each staff member is treated with due respect and dignity regardless of religion, gender or color.  CIB does not tolerate discrimination or harassment, ensures equal opportunity, supports diversity and inclusion, and encourages freedom of speech and expression.

Adopting and implementing the Egyptian labor laws and regulations, CIB pledges safe and healthy workplace for the staff members and customers.

Internal policies and charters reflect CIB's pledge to assure civil rights performance.  An example of publically shared policies and procedures including but not limited to:

      •  Code of Conduct, which all staff are required to commit to on an annual basis
      • Flextime and Shifts Policy
      • Staff Committee Policy that include Staff Petitions and Staff Issues
      • Whistle Blowing Policy
      • Medical Insurance for Employees and their Spouses
      • Fire and Life Safety Policy
      • Global Employee guidelines for Maternity Leave


2. Customers

CIB shall not provide any services including direct loans, funding, investments or advisory services to clients engaged in any activity, production, use of, trade in, distribution of or involving:

        • Any product deemed illegal under host country laws or international conventions or subject to bans such as pesticides, ozone-depleting substances etc….
      • Weapons and ammunitions
      • Construction of and/or handling dump sites
      • Racist media
      • Activities of structural breaches of the UN Global Compact Principles eg. child labor
      • Cross border trade not compatible with the Basel Convention.
      • Fund only bonded asbestos cement where the asbestos content is less than 20%
      • Fund purchase of medical equipment where the IFC confirms the radioactive source to be trivial and/or shielded


CIB is committed to deliver personalized solutions and services to facilitate the customer's experience with the organization. Developing strong sustainable partnership with the bank's customers; CIB facilitates the accessibility of its services and operations through efficient and trustworthy platforms and appropriate to the different physical and financial needs. 

3. Suppliers

Business suppliers at all levels, including consultants or any service providers must not only comply with the national laws and regulations, but also human rights' values of CIB. Suppliers will not be using any forced labor and child labor and maintains safe working conditions for its employees.