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Sustainabilty Corporate Governance

Sustainability Advisory Board:
The Sustainability Advisory Board, which was chartered 14th of March 2013, acts on behalf of the Board in all sustainability-related efforts and concentrates on long-term value drivers that advance the twin objective of sustained success of the Bank. It approves CIB’s sustainability framework, strategies, policies, international affiliations and memberships, and initiatives.

Sustainability Steering Committee:
The Sustainability Steering Committee is chaired by, by one of our prominent board Members and is composed of senior heads from various Bank departments. The committee meets at least once every quarter and as often as deemed necessary. Its main responsibilities are prioritization and review in addition to monitoring the implementation of sustainability initiatives consistent with CIB’s corporate sustainability strategy.

Sustainability Development Department:
The Sustainability Development Department started  in January 2013 with an official charter approved 1st March, 2013.The department.  acts as the organizational focal point with various departments to understand the needs of the Bank and ensure the integration of sustainable principles into CIB’s business practices. The department is responsible for the development, monitoring and coordination of CIB’s sustainability efforts including strategies, policies, systems, initiatives, quick wins including ongoing branding, training and reporting efforts.

Sustainability Green Teams:
At the first Steering Committee meeting in April 2013, 26 Green Team members were assigned and 11 more have since volunteered. Green Team members aspire to be CIB’s environmental champions, ensuring Going Green awareness, recommendation of Quick Win ideas, and implementation of various sustainability initiatives across the Bank, as it relates to their existing jobs.