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Corporate Social Responsibility

Because of our commitment to both our community and our work environment, corporate social responsibility (CSR) plays a fundamental role in our operations at CIB. Our business impacts our local environment and touches the lives of millions of people across Egypt. This broad footprint has led to CIB’s unique approach to CSR, which is based on seven key areas.

Sponsoring Talent
In 2012 CIB collaborated with the Fine Arts Division at the Egyptian Ministry of Culture to endorse a new generation of young, talented artists. In this effort, a national art competition was organized to exhibit a collection of their artworks under the patronage of CIB. Portraying artwork from the competition, a book entitled “Egypt the Promise, Edition 2” was designed and published by CIB to commemorate the competition. Other CIB support for the Arts during the year came from the Bank’s sponsorship of the Egyptian Philharmonic Society to support Egyptian musicians performing classical music.
For the seventh consecutive year, CIB continued its long-standing partnership with Enactus (formerly Students in Free Enterprise-SIFE) to promote entrepreneurial solutions aimed at achieving sustainable improvements to the living standards of disadvantaged communities. Driven by students, academics and business leaders, business concepts are applied to socioeconomic problems – a process that not only helps the underprivileged, but also aids participating students’ in the development of their leadership, teamwork, presentation, communication and other interpersonal skills. While cultivating a sense of service and responsibility towards their communities, students also get to develop their business and leadership skills. This year CIB sponsored both the Enactus special competition on “Business Ethics” as well as the one-day National Competition, where an array of teams from Egypt’s most prominent universities competed for a chance to represent Egypt at the annual Enactus World Cup. We are pleased to announce that the Enactus Egypt team from the French University in Egypt came in second at the 2012 World Cup held in Washington, DC.

Community Health
In collaboration with the Children’s Cancer Hospital 57357 and the Canadian Embassy, volunteers from the Bank participated in the four kilometer Terry Fox Run around the AUC campus. All proceeds from the event went towards children’s cancer research at the 57357 Hospital.
On a similar note, CIB has been taking part in blood donation campaigns for a number of years to help meet blood transfusion needs in Egypt. Under the supervision of the Ministry of Health, CIB conducted a three day blood donation campaign at a number of its branches around Egypt and encouraged staff members to donate.
Environmental Awareness
On the environmental front, our main objective in 2012 was to ensure the implementation of the CIB Going Green Program at our head offices. The program aims to encourage environmentally friendly attitudes among CIB employees by promoting awareness on how to save paper, water, electricity and other consumables while encouraging positive changes in employees’ habits. Our conservation efforts also included the introduction of energy saving lights and water-flow restrictors. Additionally, our Going Green drive in 2012 introduced an initiative at our Smart Village premises to ensure that all corporate branding displays are printed with eco-friendly ink along with all façade exhibits at CIB branches.
CIB is also working on launching various other sustainability initiatives based on its continued commitment to environmentally-friendly practices.
Employee Development
In the area of training and development, we focused on enhancing managerial skills for all executive levels. This involved the launching of two new programs:
1-The First Time Supervisors Program is designed to equip newly promoted managers with key principles and teamwork dynamics in order to perform effectively as supervisors.
2-The Middle Management Development Program emphasizes managing change, strengthening leadership skills and enabling middle managers to strategically align their thinking with CIB’s vision and mission.
These newly-launched initiatives are now running alongside our two other management programs: the Consumer Banking Leadership Program that is specifically designed to bolster new talent in the Egyptian consumer banking sector, and the Leadership and Management Program (LAMP),, which aims at developing the leadership and management skills of senior managers.
Code of Conduct
CIB believes in creating an equal opportunity environment for all Bank employees, which is clearly reflected in our Code of Conduct. In addition to encouraging nondiscriminatory practices, our policies also prohibit any forms of harassment and intimidation. This is evident in the adoption of a whistle-blowing policy that provides the highest levels of confidentiality and indemnity when raising concerns about any irregularities.
Customer Experience Management
Managing and monitoring the quality of customers’ experiences continues to grow in importance. Achieving success here has required a holistic approach with focus on:
•Delivery of Operational Excellence
•Focusing  on Customer Experience
•Building Bank Capabilities
To enhance Operational Excellence we created and managed a framework for exceeding customer expectations through the monitoring and improvement of key processes. Close attention was paid to organizational enablers together with creating an environment that fosters customer satisfaction.
A service quality training was provided in three phases as part of staff orientation at the departmental and customer service levels.  The training has positively impacted customers’ experiences. Various methods have been adopted to collect customer feedback and document customer service throughout different areas of the Bank.
Customer satisfaction is a top priority for CIB. Complaints are investigated with utmost care through our Customer Care Unit and Complaints Investigation Division, which is managed by the Compliance Group. All shortcomings are promptly identified and resolved to ensure customer satisfaction.
Meeting Shareholder Expectations
CIB’s Board consists of eight non-executives and one executive director. The diverse backgrounds and experiences of the Board members presents added value and reflects the Bank’s culture.
The Board is regularly updated on Bank activities and assesses performance against set strategic objectives. Prompt disclosure of financial and non-financial data is regularly provided in order to reinforce CIB’s commitment to all of its stakeholders.
In conclusion, it is worth noting that CIB’s well-established corporate governance policies, which ensure the independence of its compliance and risk functions, have demonstrated high levels of compliance with the new CBE Corporate Governance Guidelines for Egyptian Banks