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Financial Literacy

​​​​Financial Literacy is a national initiative aiming at spreading awareness and knowledge among consumers and investors in an attempt to develop their financial skills through providing information and constructive advice.That will help them make informed financial decisions and minimize uncalculated risks.

Arab Financial Inclusion Day

Under the auspices of the Central Bank of Egypt, CIB-Egypt is participating in the “Arab Financial Inclusion Day”, supporting the national initiative of “Account for Every Citizen”.
Starting on April 15th, all banks will be holding awareness activities across the country for two weeks, targeting the different segments in general and the under banked in specific.

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Money Skills for Learners

This guide provides an excellent and holistic structure for planning and managing your personal finances. Everything you need to know in order to make informed decisions about any and every aspect of your finances is contained in four main pillars: Planning, Lending, Saving and Investments. Ultimately, we all hope for financial independence after retirement, and how you plan and manage your finances in any one of these key areas can have far-reaching positive or negative financial implications for your future.

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Your Saving, Your Choice

Everything you need to know about opening accounts, deposits and saving certificates, Now you can choose among a wide variety of our saving schemes, all tailored to suit your needs and meet your expectations

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Nasih Amin
Now you can follow “Nasih Amin” to know the latest credit/debit card offers and services, as well as important financial tips.

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