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CIB introduces an innovative ATM solution to Carrefour in Egypt

6/5/2018 12:00 AM

​​​In partnership with Majid Al-Futtaim

CIB-Egypt introduces an innovative ATM solution to Carrefour in Egypt

In line with the bank’s commitment to innovation and ban​king excellence, Commercial International Bank – Egypt (CIB) introduced a new cash recycling ATMs, designed to provide more efficient cash utilization process for one of its premium customers Carrefour Egypt.

Aiming to better serve its customers, CIB-Egypt installed 25 cash and deposit ATMs at all Carrefour supermarkets across the county. This new cash recycling solution will significantly reduce the number of Cash in Transit (CIT) visits to refill cash cassettes, enhance the shopping experience at Carrefour and grant customers easier and safer access to CIB banking services.

Such efforts were exerted to meet customers’ demands, infuse satisfaction in reducing the costs and risks of cash handling, and enhance the ATM cash availability for the bank and its biggest retail customers.

“Adopting and deploying cash recycling machines as part of our sustainability commitment to help the ecosystem has changed the market dramatically. It has streamlined the cash cycle and granted CIB and our corporate customers access to smarter use of the financial digital technology to optimize, develop and simplify the ways we serve our customers – as we continue to enhance the quality of our services,” said Mr. Mohamed Farag, CIB Chief Digital Officer and Head of Global Transaction Services (GTS).

The unique digital solution has not only succeeded to migrate Carrefour’s collections in a digitizing way, but has retained on CIB prime relationship with Carrefour.

“At Majid Al Futtaim, we always look at innovative and digital ways to improve our operational excellence that in turns frees us to focus more on our customers. Not only does this collaboration with CIB help streamline our business operations, it also provides an ATM in each of our supermarkets to bolster our convenience offering to our customers and ensure we can create great moments for them every day,” commented Jean Luc Graziato, Country Manager, Carrefour Egypt at Majid Al Futtaim Retail.

Mr. Mohamed Farag added, “After the implementation of this successful solution, we remain focused on expanding and developing our ATM network further and add more innovative services for daily customer convenience.”