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We reduced noise pollution levels

12/12/2019 11:00 AM
CIB is the first bank in Egypt to measure and reduce ‘Noise Pollution’. This pollution poses an invisible threat and impacts both humans and the environment. 

This is in line with CIB’s commitment to maintain a safe and healthy environment within the workplace. Therefore, the bank is collaborating with an accredited Egyptian environmental office on the initiative to conduct a noise audit report. This report will focus on five of our most populated branches: Giza, Downtown, El Nasr, El Shams and Sultan Hussein. 

Audit report recommendations were carried out in coordination with the responsible departments. The proposals included groundwork, construction and installation of double glass facades, isolation joints and sound absorbents, as well as efficient maintenance of the air conditioning systems and decreasing of the volume of our Q-matic machines.

After the completion of the project, the results show that CIB has successfully decreased noise pollution levels on average by 10-12 dB (decibels, the unit used to measure the intensity of sound) per branch. This means that the branches fall in the “safe area” according to international standards.