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Personnel Accounts Privacy Promise for Consumers

Privacy / Security Policy
Convenience, control and privacy are what Personnel Accounts is all about. With Personnel Accounts, CIB's Account Aggregation service, you can view all your designated accounts on a single page without the hassle of logging onto multiple sites, remembering and entering multiple passwords. One site and one password is all you need to see and manage all your financial information.
Safeguarding Your Privacy
Clearly, the information stored on Personnel Accounts - the accounts you own and their average balances, types of transactions, average monthly carrying balances, is private and personal. Safeguarding this information is CIB's utmost priority, a non-negotiable promise from us to you.
So, to maintain this commitment to your privacy, CIB adhere strictly to the CIB Privacy Promise for Consumers. In essence, the Personnel Accounts Privacy Promise means:
  • We will not reveal your personal information on Personnel Accounts to other organizations unless we are authorized by you to do so, or required by law.
  • We will not sell such information under any circumstances.
  • Your user names and passwords are secured at this site and cannot be accessed by anyone, including any CIB employee without your personal Accounts log-in and password.
CIB will, however, use information about the accounts you aggregate in order to serve you better. We may use this information to present marketing messages targeted to your personal needs and interests. This information may also be included in the aggregate data used to conduct internal analysis of site usage.
Securing Your Personnel Accounts Experience
CIB use state-of-the-art network, data, and physical security practices for Personnel Accounts.
Physical Security
Personnel Accounts has retained the most secure environment, where security personnel monitor the system 24 hours a day. Access to servers requires multiple levels of authentication.
Personnel Accounts' secure network infrastructure includes the following components:
  • Firewalls
  • Intrusion detection
  • Private addressing
  • Sanitized systems
  • SSL
  • Audits and Inspections

All access to the application network must go through these firewalls. Additional firewalls are used to secure access to the Personnel Accounts database from the application servers.
Intrusion Detection
Personnel Accounts' entire production network is monitored and policed for intrusion attempts 24x7.
Private Addressing
Personnel Accounts' application network uses private IP addressing, which protects servers that do not require access to the Internet.
Sanitized Systems
The machines on the Personnel Accounts network run only the minimum set of services required to operate the My Accounts application.
All information we send or receive is transmitted through Secure Socket Layer (SSL), which creates an encrypted connection between your browser and the Personnel Accounts Web servers. Personnel Accounts employs IBM technology to provide this service.
Audits and Inspections
Personnel Accounts security infrastructure is regularly audited and inspected by industry-leading firms that specialize in security processes and technologies.