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Save and Safe Account

​"Save and Safe" offers tiered interest rates on your savings account in addition to unique exclusive free insurance bundles.​

Maximize your Savings and guarantee your Safety with Save and Safe account

Daily, monthly and quarterly interest rate frequencies 
  • Daily interest rate: calculated on a daily basis on the daily closing balance and credited monthly.
  • Monthly/quarterly interest rate: calculated on the lowest balance during the month and credited monthly/quarterly.

Tiered interest rate​
The more you save in your account, the higher the return. Decide on the amount you want to invest and benefit from our competitive tiered interest rate.

Free insurance benefits
The more you save, the more insurance benefits you get free of charge. With the Save and Safe account, you will get a variety of free insurance products:
  • Accidental death or disability insurance in case of an accident (AD&D)
  • Medical reimbursement in case of an accident (AMR)
  • Educational allowance for children in case of accident (E.A)
  • Home insurance
The above insurance features are completely free for CIB Save and Safe clients.

Free safe box*
The Save and Safe account offers you the chance to get a free safe box for one month as long as you maintain an average balance of EGP 1 million in your Save and Safe account for three consecutive months

How to benefit from the Save and Safe free insurance features?
  • Maintain a minimum balance of EGP 150,000 in your savings account for three consecutive months
  • The more money you place in your savings account, the more insurance features you receive, as highlighted in the following table:
Amount Range

From 150K to EGP 500K (Gold)

More than EGP 500K To EGP 1M (Platinum)

Above EGP1M  (Diamond)

Accidental Death & Disability in case of an accident (AD&D)

EGP 250,000EGP 500,000EGP 500,000
Educational Allowance in case of an accident (EA)EGP 50,000EGP 50,000EGP 50,000
Accidental Medical Reimbursement in case of an accident (AMR)-EGP 25,000EGP 25,000
Home Insurance- -E​​GP 350,000
Free Safe Box--​ 
*The above limits are effective since 01/01/2017
*The insurance benefits are applied on EGP savings accounts only (Effective 01/01/2017).
*All insurance programs and claims are provided by AXA General Insurance Egypt (AXA Insurance) SAE. Minors, youth, joint and care accounts are excluded from insurance benefits.
*If the average balance for 3 consecutive months falls below EGP 1 million for safe box holders, safe deposit box renting fees will be paid.
​Congratulations! You and your family just got safer with your new CIB Save and safe account!

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