The Ultimate Medium-Term Savings Solution

Grow Your Savings at Higher Interest Rates without Locking Your Money for Long Periods!

Start saving to secure your future with CIB's new 2-Year Time Deposit starting at EGP 5,000! 

You can earn from 8% to 8.5% interest in the following monthly, quarterly, and yearly payment frequencies:




  • Interest is calculated on any amount starting at EGP 5,000
  • Secured facility of up to 95% from the Time Deposit booked amount
  • Automatic renewal upon request
  • Offered to individuals and companies
  • Choose the interest payment frequency that suits your needs


  • Protected interest and safe cash investment (fixed rate for a fixed period)
  • Maximize growth of your money
  • Save up to meet your needs
  • A strategy to meet future goals
  • Locking cash away so it makes for a great out of sight, out of mind saving plan
  • A convenient tool to save the extra cash

How to apply?

- Existing customers

Sign a time deposit booking form at your nearest branch.

- New-to-bank customers

To book a time deposit, customers should open an account, submit the required account opening documents (detailed below) and sign a booking time deposit form at their nearest branch.

Account opening required documents

  • Valid national ID or valid passport for foreigners
  • Recent original utility bill (electricity or gas)
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of permanent residence for foreigners

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For more information, call 19666 or visit the nearest CIB branch

Terms and conditions apply.