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Tap to pay with CIB Contactless Cards 

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From lattes to groceries, say goodbye to cash, long waiting lines and slow chip card readers! Now, with just a simple tap you can pay for your everyday small purchases up to EGP 600 without needing to enter the PIN for purchases.

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Check Out in a Snap

Just bring your CIB card within inches of the POS machine while paying at the cashier and a beep or green light will show that the payment is being processed and approved. Once you get the okay, you’re good to go!


Enjoy Hassle-free Purchases with BONUS Points

Whether at fast food restaurants, coffee shops, or supermarkets in Egypt or abroad, pay with your card for your everyday purchases by a simple tap. Save time and earn plenty of BONUS points even on the smallest purchases.


Stay Secure and Protected

Just like with the chip and PIN payments, CIB provides you maximum security against fraud, as the contactless payments are safe and secure. You will receive an SMS with the transaction details after every purchase for your peace of mind. The feature is available for up to 10 transactions per day without being asked to enter your PIN and for purchases above EGP 600 you will be asked to enter your PIN in order to verify that you are the authorized cardholder. 

In all cases, appreciate using the card yourself and do not share your card data with anyone. If your card is lost or stolen, please contact the bank to report. 


How to Use the CIB Contactless Card

1. Check to see the Contactless symbolicon 2.jpgon your card and on the store’s POS device.

2. At participating merchants, hold your card directly over the POS device to pay.

3. Get the ok – a beep, checkmark or green light – to show your payment is approved.


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Interested to know more about CIB Contactless feature, check our FAQs, click here.

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