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Installment Plan - Zero Interest

​​​​​​​​​​​​Enjoy zero interest installments at wide participating merchant network in different categories.

Benefit from zero interest installment in one step by asking the merchant to proceed the transaction on zero interest installment  with the below mentioned tenors. ​​

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* Installments applied on Diamond only in Damas 

*Additional 3% administrative fees on Midea & Carrier 
3% Admin fees ​applied in Ray​a shops.
*  Installment is available only on A6+, S9 and S9+ in Sky Distribution 
* Installment is not available with any other offer or sale in Saudia Company

* Purchase will be through the social media pages of the company and installment will be on delivery in Lanmado Company

*Mobile Shop, Compume, and Computer Shop Installment transactions applied on selected products

*Radio Shack & LG Installment transactions applied on selected products but not available at all branches

* Minimum Installment Transactions at Gadalla is EGP 5,000

* Installment plan is not available at all branches 

** Install​ment P​lan on spare parts and after sales s​ervice​​ 

*** Installment transactions applied on electronic devices and accessories only 

**** Installment Plan is not available​ on all products 

***** Installment Plan is available on ​maint​​enance only ​​


For more information, please call 19666 or visit your nearest CIB branch

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