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Roadside Assistance

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​CIB Roadside assistance service provides: Towing services, Battery jump start, Flat tire replacement and Car replacement according to the selected package. This service is available 24/7 across Egypt.

For the first time in Egypt… Roadside Assistance service from CIB!


The below table illustrates the provided services:

​Type of service
​​Package 1
Car model less than 8 years
​Package 2 
Car model from 8 till 12 years
​​Package 3 
Car model less than 8 years
​Towing of the Vehicleicon.jpg​​​icon.jpg​​​icon.jpg​​​
​Battery re-chargingicon.jpg​​​icon.jpg​​​icon.jpg​​​
​Tire replacementicon.jpg​​​icon.jpg​​​icon.jpg​​​
​​Replacement Car
(2 days / 5 working days)

Fees per Package:

  • Monthly fees for Package 1: EGP 20 (vehicle manufacturing date not older than 8 years)
  • Monthly fees for Package 2: EGP 25 (vehicle manufacturing years older than 8 until 12 years)
  • Monthly fees for Package 3: EGP 30 (vehicle manufacturing date not older than 8 years)

​CIB credit card holders who will enroll in roadside assistance feature will enjoy the following services for free according to the selected package.

​Towing of the vehicle in case of accident/breakdown

For towing service, the company will arrange to tow or transport the customer vehicle to the nearest repair shop or home address (according to the customer choice) with the limit of 200 KM.

Battery recharging

If the registered vehicle does not start due to the battery being discharged, the company will take care of sending a technician to recharge it temporarily to be able to start up the car in that time with no extra charges.

Tire replacement

If the registered vehicle has a flat tire, the company will take care of sending a specialized person to replace it with the spare tire available in the registered vehicle with no extra charges.

Car replacement

The company will provide a car replacement for two days, in case of a road traffic accident, which causing immobilization to the insured vehicle and should stay in the repair shop for more than five days, as certified in a written stamped form by the repairer.

Call Now to register in the service

• Make sure your chasis number is available, when calling to register in the service

For Roadside Assistance Service:

Please call Roadside Assistance call center on (+202) 3308 3860 in case of registered vehicle breakdown.

After calling Roadside Assistance service call center, a customer service representative will contact the service provider close to your location to provide assistance as quickly as possible.

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For more information, please call 19666 or visit your nearest CIB branch

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