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Aman Fund

​​​​​Aman Fund was launched in October 2006, investing in a variety of securities. The fund aims to create a vehicle that mainly invests in industrial, productive, and services stocks, along with Sukuk and GDRs of local registered stocks, international and regional stocks. 
The Shariah board is set by Faisal Islamic Bank.
Risk Diversification:
With an initial size of EGP 100m, the fund invests in a variety of securities with a maximum regional and global exposure.

It is, also, allowed to invest in other Islamic mutual funds with a maximum of 10%, and not more than 5% of each fund, and a maximum of 10% in each stock not exceeding 15% of its market capital.
Investment Guidelines:
Asset Allocation​Asset %
Sukuk​Max. of 30%​
Equity​Max. of 100%​
Stock​Max. of 10%​
Sector​Max. of 25%​
Other Mutual Funds​Max. of 10%


Subscription and Redemption:
  • Daily subscriptions (Orders taken during the week except the last working day of each week).
  • Weekly redemption orders received only on the first working day of each week. ​
Type ​Islamic Equity Fund
Structure  ​Open-Ended Mutual Fund​
Inception Date​ October-06​
Initial Size​EGP 100 Million​
Bank Sponsored​CIB & Faisal Bank​
Fund Manager​CIAM​
Base Currency ​EGP​
Min. Subscription​1 Investment Certificates​
Financial Year End ​31 December​
Subscription and Redemption​Weekly on first working day of each week​
Subscription Fee​0.25 %​
Redemption Fee​0.25%​
Duration​25 years
Investment Advantages:
  • Investors can monitor their investment performances through posts on the weekly business pages of the newspaper
  • The fund is allowed to invest in other similar types of Islamic mutual funds
  • Diversification through access to regional markets


For more information, please call 19666 or visit your nearest CIB branch
Terms and Conditions Apply​