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Hemaya Fund

​​​​​​Hemaya Fund is the first in the Egyptian market with Capital Protection, one year tenor, and monthly subscriptions and redemptions. Invest for one year with full capital protection, while aiming to reap high accumulated returns.
Hemaya Fund Benefits:
  • Full Capital Protection: Benefit from the upside performance of the Egyptian stock market and have your initial capital fully protected at maturity.
  • Short-Term Investment: Hemaya fund is the only open-ended capital protected fund in the Egyptian market with a one year tenor.
  • High Accumulated Returns**: Enjoy boosting your earnings by investing a maximum of 25% in local equity market to reap the upside performance, while preventing any downside effect in the market through your capital protection.
  • Monthly Subscriptions and Redemptions: Subscriptions and redemptions take place during the last five business days of every month till 12pm, through all CIB branches, more than 180 branches throughout Egypt.
  • Professional Management: Hemaya is professionally managed by CI Asset Management.
  • Diversification: Hemaya provides diversification through investing in the following financial instruments:
Asset AllocationAsset %
Fixed Income Instruments​ ​ ​ ​Deposits​
Bond Repos​
Similar mutual funds, Money Market & Fixed Income​Up to 20%​
Local Equity Up to 25% from NAV ​​
Sector Up to 25% from Equity Portion ​​
Corporate Stock & Bonds for Related Parties ​Up to 20% ​
Hemaya Fund Features:
  • Investors should be a CIB account holder
  • Minimum Subscription: 50 units
  • Subscription Fee: 0.25%
  • Free Redemption