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Osoul Fund

​​​​​​​​Today, benefit from the expertise of a professionally managed portfolio of the local money market through a fund that offers accumulated daily income for investors seeking liquidity across short or medium terms.
Osoul is a money market mutual fund, launched in April 2005 that invests locally in a variety of securities, aiming to create a vehicle that offers an accumulated daily income and liquidity for both individuals and corporate investors.
Diversified Portfolio:
The fund invests in a variety of local/foreign short-term fixed income securities – 0% equity. The fund invests in TDs, Treasury Bills, Treasury Bonds, and Corporate Bonds.
Investment Guidelines:
Asset Allocation ​Asset %
Cash & CD's​Max. of 75%​
Treasury Bills​Max. of 100%​
Treasury Bonds​Max. of 50%​
Corporate Bonds​Max. of 40%​
Investment Certificates in similar Funds​Max. of 10%​
Rewarding Returns:
Fund with an initial size of EGP 500M, providing daily accumulated return across short and medium term investments.
Daily Liquidity:
Open-ended fund granting immediate access to the fund shares on a daily basis through more than 180 CIB branches, with daily subscription and redemption free of charge.

Investment Advantages:
  • Investor can monitor daily performance of the previous day through CIB website.
  • Investors can monitor their investment performances through posts on the weekly business pages of the newspaper.
  • Corporate investors are granted funds free of tax in order to reap higher returns.

Customers Benefits:
  • High accumulated return.

  • Tax exemption for retail & corporate customers.

  • Low risk investment.

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*Subscriptions are closed until further notice