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Thabat Fund

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Thabat Fund

Thabat Fund is the commercial International Bank fund with a portfolio of diversified fixed-income instruments that may offers distributions quarterly.

Fund Benefits

  • Long-term Investment: Thabat Fund is an open-ended fund.
  • No Subscription or Redemption Fees: Returns achieved on your investments are free from upfront fees.
  • Low Risk: Participate in underlying financial instruments, such as treasury and corporate bonds and other debt securities, that generate high yields with minimum risk to your capital.
  • Monthly Liquidity: Daily subscriptions and monthly redemptions.
  • Accessibility: Subscriptions are available until 12:00 noon daily at CIB's more than 180 branches across Egypt.*
  • Tax Exemption for Corporate and Retail Customers: Corporate and retail investors earn returns free of tax.
  • Automatic Reinvestment: Income from all bonds is automatically reinvested in the fund, consistently adding to its value until the fund distribution date.
  • Professional Management: Thabat Fund is professionally managed by CI Capital Asset Management.
  • Diversification: Thabat Fund invests in many individual bonds so that even a relatively small investment is diversified.

    Investment Guidelines
Asset Type Maximum Allocation
Treasury Bonds 95% of portfolio
Treasury Bills 40% of portfolio
Repurchase Agreements 40% of portfolio
Certificates of Deposit 60% of portfolio
Corporate Bonds 40% of portfolio
Time Deposits 25% of portfolio
Mortgage-backed Securities 10% of portfolio
Other Fixed-income or Similar Funds 20% of portfolio


Fund Features

  • Minimum subscription is 250 investment certificates.
  • Subscriptions are available until 12:00 noon daily.
  • Applications for redemption can be presented every day until 12:00 noon and are executed on the first working Sunday of the month and settled within two working days.
  • No subscription or redemption fees.
  • A possibility of quarterly distribution for the owned units. 





For more information, please call 19666 or visit your nearest CIB branch.

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