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Takamol Fund

​​​​Takmol is a balanced fund that gives the best of both worlds combining the growth potential of the Egyptian equities and the stability of the fixed income exposure.​​​​​​​​​

Takamol Fund Benefits:

  • Unique Investment Opportunity: Combining the growth potential of the Egyptian equities and the stability of the fixed income exposure.
  • Long Term Investment: Takamol Fund is an open-ended fund. A unique product with daily subscriptions and weekly redemptions.
  • High Accumulated Returns with a Moderate Risk: Most investors aim at maximizing their investment returns without being exposed to high risk, investing in Takamol Fund enables investors to achieve growth through investing in equities in addition to stability through investing in fixed income instruments.
  • Liquidity: Takamol fund enables the customers to sell units on a weekly basis without regard to fixed income instruments' maturities.
  • Accessibility: Daily subscriptions and weekly redemptions till 12:00 p.m. through more than 180 CIB branches across all Egypt.
  • No Subscription and Redemption Fees: All subscription and redemption transactions are executed with zero fees.
  • Professional Management: Takamol Fund is professionally managed by CI Asset Management.
  • Diversification: Takamol Fund ticks all the boxes for a conservative investor with moderate risk appetite who wants to benefit from the potential growth represented in the stock market as well as the stability of the fixed income instruments, diversifying investments as follows: 
Fixed Income Exposure 40%
Treasury Bills & BondsNo Maximum
Corporate BondsMax of 60%
Repurchase AgreementsMax of 50%
DepositsMax of 75%
Money Market & Fixed Income FundsMax of 40%
CDsMax of 20%
Equity Exposure 60%
Single SectorMax of 25%
Equity FundsMax of 20%


Takamol Fund Features:

  • Minimum Subscription is 100 Investment Certificates with no minimum thereafter
  • Daily Subscription till 12:00 noon to be settled on the following working day
  • Weekly redemption to be presented on the first working day in the week  and settled on the following working day
  • Zero subscription and redemption fees
  • Takamol fund investor should be a CIB account holder of either a current or a saving account


For more information, please call 19666 or visit your nearest CIB branch
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