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Are you searching for ways to ease the pressure of paying for good education?

You deserve a smarter solution to fund your future.


With CIB Educational Loans, we can help you pursue a higher education that will unlock a brighter future. Whether it's for the undergraduate or postgraduate degree of your dreams, tuition fees can now be paid easily and at your convenience with CIB Educational Loans.

At CIB, we know that education is most important investment and the key to securing a better future for generations to come, which is why we're dedicated to making education more accessible to all families.

Key Features & Benefits of CIB Educational Loans:

  • Preferential interest rate
  • 50% admin fees discount
  • Loan amount reaching up to EGP 150,000 
  • Flexible repayment tenor of up to 5 years
  • Life insurance during the loan repayment period
  • 48-hour approval process and minimal documentation required
To apply now on a loan from CIB,  visit the below link :

Terms and Conditions Apply