​​ ​​​​1What is CIB personal Loans program?

CIB personal loans program was launched in 2007, it aims at providing cash disbursement into your account to finance your needs such as, education, travel, solar & home renovations.

2) Who can apply?

CIB personal loans are offered to customers who meet the below eligibility criteria:

    • Age: Minimum 21 and maximum 60 for salaried customers/65 for self employed at the date of loan maturity.
  • Minimum Net Monthly Income: EGP2,600
  • Minimum Years in Business: From day 1 to 24 months depending on the employment status (Salaried vs. Self Employed) or salary status (Transferred to CIB or to other banks).
  • Nationality: Personal loans could be granted for Egyptians and non-Egyptians working and residing in Egypt.
  • All personal loans are granted in local currency.

*Other eligibility criteria might apply for specific programs.

3) What are the minimum & maximum loan amounts and how is it calculated?

  • Loan amount starts from EGP5,000 up to EGP1,000,000.
  • It calculated based on the net monthly income taking into consideration the debt burden availability.
  • Loan amounts could reach up to EGP1,000,000 for payroll customers and  up to EGP350,000 for non-payroll customers.
  • For self-employed , loan amount could reach  EGP750,000
  • For Professionals, loan amount could reach EGP375,000


4) What is the loan repayment period?

Loan repayment period is flexible and varies from 1 year to 10 years


5) What are the required documents for applying?

General required documents:

  • Copy of a valid national identification card
  • Recent telephone, electricity or gas utility bill (maximum three months old)

Required documents for income proof:

  • In case of salary transfer: No additional required documents
  • In case of non-salary transfer:
    • Recent HR letter or
    • Three salary slips or
    • Bank statement for the last 6 months
  • In case of self employed:
  • Last six months account statement (personal or corporate)
  • Original commercial register or its equivalent

*Other documents might be requested


6) What are the applicable fees?

Description Fees & Charges
Arrangement Fees on the total Loan Amount (Paid once)

1.5% from Loan amount in Case of:

 • Salary Transfer with Undertaking from the Company to notify the bank in case

 service ended

 • Secured facilities by CDs/TDs

2% for any other Type of Customers

Assessment FeesEGP 150 (Paid once)
Services Charges FeesEGP 20 (Monthly)
Late Payment Fees5% on the Amount Due
Early Payment Fees (Full & Partial)5% from the Total Paid Amount
Rescheduling Fees2% on the Remaining Balance


7) I am a CIB customer and have CDs/TDs pledged with the bank, what privileges do I get?

This makes you eligible for a secured personal loan up to 95% of the collateral amount of the certificate of deposit/time deposit value).


8) When can I get the loan and how can I apply?

After completing and accepting all the required documents, which is followed by the final approval then cash disbursement into the customer's account.

You can apply through the following channels:

  1. Fill in an application at any of our CIB branches
  2. Contact the Call Center through which your request will be directed to one of our representatives to contact you on your preferred mobile within the next 24 hours.
  3. Apply online on our official website using the following link:


9) In case of partial or full settlement, how will the process work?

  • Partial payoff available post 6 months of loan disbursement and up to 30% from the principle outstanding loan amount.
  • Early full settlement available post 6 months of loan disbursement