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Message from the Chairman

​The Egyptian market is ripe with opportunities, and all sectors are ready for growth and expansion fueled by foreign investments. The country is currently striving to develop its market through new projects focused on energy, transportation, infrastructure, and water desalination. Egypt's rapidly growing population has created high demand for consumer goods, real estate projects and various other products and services. Low cost of labor, strong intellectual property rights laws, and simplified regulations as well as Egypt's strategic location at the nexus of Africa, the Middle East, and Europe make it an ideal country in which to operate.

Currently, Egypt's banking sector is the strongest in emerging markets. The banking system's solid fundamentals, excess reserves, high liquidity, and strong deposit base have allowed it to weather economic turbulence and overcome external environmental challenges in recent years. In the past decade, Egypt's banking sector has demonstrated its enduring strength and stability on countless occasions.

In recent years, CIB has invested heavily in our IT infrastructure and digital platforms to meet our customers' evolving demands and provide them with an exceptional banking experience. Our latest efforts include the launch of our Overseas Banking segment, which allows us to offer our best-in-class service to customers around the world. Our highly qualified Overseas Banking team looks forward to surpassing the expectations of our customers living abroad by providing a comprehensive bundle of products and services tailored to meet specific their needs.

I would like to extend a warm welcome to CIB's new Overseas Banking.

Best Regards,​