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Dedicated Wealth Managers

​"​It's not​ just about a 24/7 service, it's about a dedicated team of wealth managers"

  Dedicated Wealth Managers

 Our team of dedicated Wealth Managers provides you with the expert advice and personalized service needed to achieve your financial goals

Each of our Wealth Managers works with a limited number of clients in order to provide you with personalized service whenever you need it. Our Wealth Managers have an in-depth understanding of your financial situation and work closely with you to develop a customized financial plan based on your current needs and future goals. Then, they help you organize your finances to meet your obligations and grow your worth.

In our latest effort to provide exceptional and personalized service, our team has been trained to administer a free Financial Health Check for all of our clients. This questionnaire helps our Wealth Managers to understand your financial situation and provide you with the optimum bundle of investment and borrowing products.

 Maintaining the Highest Standards of Financial Expertise

At CIB, we hold our Wealth Managers to the highest standards of excellence and integrity in their work. To ensure that our Wealth Managers are fully qualified to provide you with expert and up-to-date financial advice, we constantly provide opportunities for professional development. CIB Wealth has developed an internal training academy to orient team members to our standards and approach. Our Wealth Managers also receive outside training and certification from top international investment institutions​.

​Financial Health Check Service - Your Wealth Building Plan

When you're CIB Wealth customer, we don't just manage your money, we help make the life you want a reality. That's why we've developed Financial Health Check, a regularly conducted financial management tool that helps us tailor our products, services, and financial advice to help you realize your financial goals. Financial Health Check allows us to uncover the right investment opportunities for you, maximize the return on your portfolio, and help you make informed decisions about your future. Contact your Wealth Relationship Manager to learn more about how Financial Quality Check can help you plan the life you want today.

You will obtain advice on the following:​

  • Long-term/short-term investments products
  • Optimum bundle of products according to your needs
  • Updates on products you are interested in
  • The best borrowing product to serve your needs
  • Portfolio diversification​