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Wealth Financial Services

Save and Invest
We offer you a range of diverse current and savings accounts with customizable features to meet various lifestyles. As a CIB Wealth customer, you have access to accounts that help you to earn airline miles, enjoy exclusive insurance benefits, and access a variety of value-added services. Our savings account options allow you to accumulate interest at competitive daily, monthly, and quarterly rates. You can also enjoy advantageous interest rates on term deposits and investment opportunities available through CIB mutual funds.

Finance your ambitions
You can apply for a personal loan worth up to EGP 3,000,000 and an overdraft facility with a limit up to EGP 125,000 that can be repaid over a period of 1 to 7 years. You will also be able to apply for secured facilities including overdrafts and personal loans worth up to 95% of your secured deposits.


  • Loans from EGP 150,000 to EGP 3,000,000 can be without guarantees
  • Preferential interest rates
  • Life insurance during the loan repayment period
  • Flexible loan repayment period from 12 to 84 months
  • Convenience of repayment through more than 200 branches and over 340 cash deposit machines.

CIB World Credit Card 

Join now a world of luxury with the newest addition to CIB credit cards suite. The CIB World credit card has just been launched combining some of the most iconic MasterCard travel, lifestyle and insurance benefits as well as CIB Bonus Points and a very competitive Markup Fees to offer you exclusivity and value at its best. For more details on our New CIB World credit card, click here. 

CIB Wealth Platinum Debit and Credit Cards

Our complimentary premium Platinum debit and credit cards at issuance provide you with a safe and convenient shopping experience. You can link your Platinum debit card to your foreign currency account. Spend freely with your cards and benefit from the high local and international withdrawal and purchasing limits.

Description  Dredit Card number of transactions allowedDebit Card Linked to EGP accountsDebit Card linked to foreign currency accountsCredit Card number of transactions allowed Credit Card usage limits
Purchase Limits localUnlimitedEGP 200,000/dayEGP 80,000/dayUnlimitedFull limit
InternationalUnlimitedNo international spend limitsNo international spend limits UnlimitedFull limit
Cash Withdrawal Limits Local10 transactions EGP 20,000/dayEGP 20,000/day10 transactions EGP 20,000/day
InternationalUnlimitedEGP 30,000/monthUSD 5,000/monthUnlimitedEGP 60,000/day 

Find more about CIB BONUS Points Program by visiting Wealth Luxury Services

As a CIB Wealth customer you will also enjoy:

Free account opening
Preferential feeds and charges
Complimentary safe deposit boxes in selected branches 
A range of insurance programs

CIB Wealth Exclusive Charges
Account Opening one offEGP 50 Free
Debit cardat issuanceEGP 50 Free
Signature verificationper documentEGP 20Free
Standing instruction*
(Internal Transfer)
per transferEGP 20Free
*EGP 100 for initial subscription + EGP 30/External Transfer
Checkbook issuance
12 checksper checkbookEGP 40Free
24 checksper checkbookEGP 80Free
48 checksper checkbookEGP 160Free
Branch Transactions 
Credit Card settlement
(less than EGP 10K)
per transactionEGP 30 Free
Cash deposit/withdrawal
(less than EGP 10K)
per transactionEGP 30 Free
Safe Deposit Box
yearlyEGP 800 Free
7.5cm yearlyEGP 1,000  Free
10cm yearlyEGP 1,400 EGP 350
15cm yearlyEGP 1,800 EGP 450
20cm yearlyEGP 2,400 EGP 600
30cmyearly EGP 3,000 EGP 800

CIB has the right to change and update the Wealth tariff at any time

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* Terms & Conditions apply​​