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E-Banking Services Terms & Conditions


Service Accessibility :

  • Customer's signature on the service request and submitting it to the Bank's branch is considered a final binding contract between the Bank and customer, hence customer should read and understand all terms and conditions of the service accurately and thoroughly before signing.
  • The Debit Card​ number or any other card allowed by the Bank along with its PIN, allow access to multiple electronic services such as ATMs, Internet Banking​ Service, Phone Banking​ Service and others as well as the execution of different banking transactions on all customer accounts. Upon using any of these services, this is considered as the customer acknowledgment and acceptance of the related terms and conditions regulating these services which are published through the respective channels or on the official website of the Bank.
  • Customer has reviewed and approved all the bank’s electronic services terms and conditions published on the CIB’s website, which include the Higher Authentication Service: One Time Password (OTP) that allows -as one of the features to perform external transfers through electronic channels, and which is subject to update as per the bank’s assessment.
  • In case the customer has chosen the e-Statement option, s/he will be able to review/print his bank accounts’ statements and his credit cards’ statements as well through Internet Banking, and declares that this electronic option replaces the printed statement that is sent through physical mail. And the customer declares that electronic statements communicated by the bank are accurate and confirmed by the customer, unless the customer disputes on what is communicated in the statement within fifteen days from statement issuance date, and if the customer does not dispute within this duration, this is considered a confirmation on the accuracy of what is communicated in the statement, and that the customer declares the accuracy of all entries and balances on his/her accounts and credit cards. The customer is also responsible for continuously maintaining the updated e-mail address record with the bank.
  • Customer’s signature on the E-Banking Services subscription application is a final consent and approval of utilizing current E-Banking services, including any future amends, this applies as well on utilizing and/or electronically approving any new/upcoming E-Banking services, without any liability on the Bank.



  • Customer should review and adhere to all security guidelines published on the electronic channels or on the Bank's official website.
  • The Bank takes all necessary security precautions to ensure the confidentiality of customers' data and information that might be handed over by the customer. The Bank is also committed to preserve the secrecy of all operations performed by customer, however the Bank gives no guarantee against computer viruses or intrusions, customer must take all the necessary measures to protect his/her private information. In addition, the Bank is not responsible for any damage that might affect the customer as a result of using the Electronic Banking Services. The Bank and customer are committed not to disclose any of the above according to the regional laws or for applying any sentences or abiding orders or regarding terms and conditions of using the service.
  • Customer must never disclose his/her password or any other authentication method related to electronic services or any of the cards PIN code to any third party for any reason including B​ank employees. In case this information is disclosed to any third party, this is considered as an authorization from the customer to this party to use his/her accounts, the customer hereby is deemed responsible for all activities taking place on the account following this disclosure. Customer does not have the right to dispute for any losses incurred as a result of these transactions unless an act of negligence or deliberate action is proven against the Bank.
  • The customer accepts that it is his/her responsibility, to maintain and comply with the security and management control procedures and any other instructions received concerning CIB Security. The customer agrees to set up, maintain and regularly review any further security measures that are needed to comply with good computer user practice. The customer is responsible for ensuring the security of its own computing and communications equipment and the safe transmission of messages to CIB overall.
  • The customer agrees to keep CIB indemnified against all actions, proceeding, costs, loss and damage of any kind which CIB may suffer as a result of failure by the customer to comply with the duties under this application.

Services Enrollment:

  • For details on how to subscribe for the first time, stop or reactivate the service. Please visit the Bank's official website or contact one of our customer service representatives.

Fees & Charges:

  • There are no fees for accessing your account(s) through the Electronic banking services. Other fees may apply to particular account services as described in the applicable documents separately and customer will be notified if any fees are applied from the Bank in the manner it deems appropriate.

Customer Rights & Responsibilities:

  • The right to use the electronic services or benefiting from it is limited to the customer only and no one else, customer is committed at all times not to let any other person to use or benefit from it.
  •  Any actions or instructions issued from the customer's account by accessing his account using the proper authentication method, shall be valid and shall be deemed as an evidence of proof, and the customer herein declares that such action is unchallengeable and the customer shall have no right to claim that such action is null and/or void for any reason whatsoever.
  • For any complains or inquiries customer should contact the call center on the announced numbers. The Bank will ensure responding to the customer in a timely manner through the appropriate channel.
  • The Customer shall notify the Bank immediately with any unauthorized access to his/her account, which he/she knows or suspects is not liable.
  • The Customer commits of his/her consent that the Bank​ can submit or disclose all or some information related to his/her account/accounts to any of its branches, and/or agents and/or any of the entities that provide technical or financial services or any of the entities the Bank contracts to provide services related to carrying out any of the electronic banking services and are allowed by the Bank according to what the Bank sees adequate and necessary.
  • Customer acknowledges and accepts the code stating fees, charges, commissions and returns applicable to the products and services offered by the bank, and confirms that it is announced at all branches and through the bank’s channels of communication, including the website. He also reserves the right for CIB to amend this code periodically without obtaining the client’ prior consent.
  • Customer acknowledges its understanding to & compliance by the CIB complaint mechanism, announced through publications available at branches, direct emails and CIB call center representatives. In case of complaints, customer acknowledges obligation to refer to the CIB first, and not file the complaint with the Central Bank of Egypt, unless CIB does not respond within 15 working days from receiving the complaint and manner agreed upon and previously announced to customers by the bank.
  • In the event that customer would like to terminate the service, he is committed to ensure that all payments/instructions shall be cancelled in a manner and form acceptable to the bank before the date of termination. He is obliged to go to the nearest branch and/or contact the CIB contact center, where he can inquire about the expenses and discounts offered by the bank in this case (if any), without any responsibility or obligation falling on the bank in this regard.
  • The Customer acknowledges to refer to the Bank's official website for any service planned outage

Bank Rights & Responsibilities:

  • The Bank has the right to stop or withdraw or limit the use of the service or any part of it to protect customer interest according to its absolute discretion, and the customer shall be notified by the Bank as deemed appropriate.
  • The Bank's responsibility is limited to the processing of the data received and accepting it and cannot be held responsible for the inaccuracy of any data or information provided by the customer. The Bank shall not be responsible also for indemnifying the customer for any inaccuracy that may occur. The customer has no right to cancel or amend any entry after its value date.
  • The Bank shall not be responsible for any processing delays caused by circumstances beyond its control, including but not limited to; power  outage, errors caused by systems, networks malfunctions, or any executions delay resulting from the electronic payments network and/or correspondent/ receiving banks.
  • The Bank may – at any time – refrain from executing any or all of the customer's instructions without giving any reasons, where the Bank deems it as appropriate and the customer shall be notified by the Bank.
  • The Bank shall be entitled – at any time – to temporarily or permanently suspend any of the electronic banking services for any period of time, without giving reasons and without notifying the customer.
  • The Bank has the right to amend any of the terms and conditions regulating the electronic banking services at any time and with no need for prior notification to the customer. The B​ank will notify the customer with the amendments through the suitable means and such amendments are considered binding and enforceable and in case the customer does not accept any of these amends or changes he/she must inform the Bank of his/her wish to terminate contract within 30 days from the date of receiving notification, and he/she must stop right away carrying out any transactions.
  • The Bank has the right to change the transactional limits of any of the  electronic services as the Bank sees adequate and is committed to inform the customer with the means it sees adequate.
  • The Bank has the right to entrust any third party to carry out some of its commitments (not all of them) according to the terms and conditions of using the electronic banking services, and in this case the Bank will be responsible to keep the secrecy of the customer data and all his/her accounts, and will be responsible for any mistakes or negligence the third party might commit.
  • The B​ank or any other party that might be handed over any of the Bank's commitments, according to the terms and conditions, have the right to record and keep any phone calls received on the numbers dedicated to the call center.


Service Availability:

  • Electronic banking services are available 7 days a week and in case of a planned maintenance or service disruption, customer will be informed through the appropriate channel.
  • The Bank has the right to stop the Internet banking service or any of the electronic banking services if the customer did not use the services for more than one year.

Terms & Conditions For using Smart Wallet​ Service

Service Providing Mechanism

  • Once the customer signs the subscription form, and on the condition that s/he has fulfilled other requirements, and completed mobile wallet account opening procedures, and after verifying his/her identity by the Bank, the Bank will immediately send an SMS to customer confirming the mobile wallet account opening and notifying him to download URL and activation code. The customer can use the activation code to log in to his/her mobile wallet to create a six-digit M-PIN to use the mobile wallet, and should be kept under his/her own responsibility and can be changed in case it was exposed.
  • The mobile wallet has to be linked to a mobile line number provided by any of the active mobile networks in the estate, and this line has to be owned by the customer and in his/her actual possession. Every mobile number is linked only to one mobile wallet.
  • The customer has the right to deal with his/her electronic account by depositing or withdrawing amounts whether through service providers and/or CIB's ATMs​ upon service availability or through transferring amounts from his/her electronic account to other customers and/or service providers and anyone of them can withdraw or deposit it to his/her electronic account.
  • The customer has the right at any time to close his/her mobile wallet and liquidate his/her electronic deposits through calling the call center number mentioned in the Mobile Application and requesting account cancellation, the B​ank is committed to close the mobile wallet (after the customer has received the cash) within 72 hours of request.

Using the Service

  • The customer should provide the service providers with an accepted identification when carrying out deposits or withdrawal transactions.
  • The c​ustomer has no right to deposit funds in mobile wallets in the name of other customers.
  • Only customers holding Commercial International Bank different payment cards (Credit Cards​, Debit Cards, Prepaid Cards) have the right to feed their mobile wallet account by transferring from these cards to the mobile wallet using the installed application on their mobile devices.
  • In case the customer decides to stop the mobile phone number linked to his/her account, he/she will lose an integral element of being the user of the service and hence will automatically lose his/her right to use the service through his/her suspended mobile phone number.
  • The customer commits his/her responsibility of all transactions and operations carried through the mobile wallet as long as these instructions and operations have been carried out through the mobile number linked to the mobile wallet and using the M-PIN, and Bank's books and records shall act as evidence against him and anyone else.
  • The Bank will not be responsible for any entities' refusal of electronic balance as a payment method and will not be responsible for goods or services that the customer will acquire using this balance. Any complaint from the customer in this issue will have to be resolved with this entity directly, and the bank's role will be limited only to adding any amount s/he might get refunded to the mobile account after the Bank has received valid documents issued correctly from this entity.
  • In case the customer's phone has been lost or stolen, and others carried any transactions on his/her account through this phone, the customer will be fully responsible towards the Bank for all results based on this usage and customer must contact the call center immediately to deactivate the service.
  • All mobile payment transactions are available inside Egypt only and only in the local currency.
  • The customer confirms that s/he is the actual and only beneficiary of the mobile line linked to the service and mentioned at the application and it is under his/her custody.

Fees & Charges

  • The c​ustomer commits to pay registration fees (Smart W​allet opening fees), annual fees, withdrawal, transfer fees, and any other additional services fees provided through the service determined by the Bank according to the banking services tariff announced by the Bank every now and then
  • The Bank reserves its right to amend any fees at any time according to its own assessment, and announcing new fees in the form the Bank sees adequate. The annunciation is considered a working notification. Using the service after amendment date is considered an acceptance from the customer's side with no reservations.

Governing Law:

  • All banking services provided through the electronic channels including the Internet Banking​ services are governed by Egyptian laws applied in this matter and all related amendments issued later on.
  • Any dispute that may arise with regards to the terms and ​conditions shall be settled finally by the Egyptian courts.
  • This application is executed in both Arabic and English languages, in case of discrepancy, the Arabic version shal​​​l prevail.

Highe​r Authentication One Time Password (OTP) 


  • Bank: Commercial International Bank – CIB Egypt
  • E-Banking: Encloses all banking transactions and services performed via electronic channels including Internet Banking, Mobile Banking or any future Electronic Banking services.
  • User ID: is the name code used to uniquely identify the user when logged into the E-Banking session.
  • Passphrase: A Password which is a secret word or code, which the user must input during login to demonstrate that he/she is - in fact - the person he/she claims to be.
  • One Time Password (OTP): A unique and time-sensitive password used as an added security layer on E-Banking to be used with every log-in for the purpose of opening access to certain set of transactions, which are not available with the normal username and passphrase log-in. The OTP can be sent through several mediums: SMS, Hard or Soft Tokens, which the client will pay the cost for.
  • Information: Data about personal accounts, transactions, or E-Banking personal profile


Terms and Conditions:

  • By signing this application, the customer subscribes for the Higher Authentication Service. The service ensures that critical E-Banking transactions are conducted in a safe online environment by providing an added layer of security that reconfirms the identity using the OTP.
  • The Higher Authentication OTP does not replace the E-Banking passphrase.
  • In addition to the basic E-Banking services, the Higher Authentication Service opens the following additional transactions:
    • Transfer to another CIB customer
    • External transfer outside CIB (inside or outside Egypt)
    • Amend some contact information
  • The Bank, at any time without prior notice to the customer, may change the types of transactions, facilities and services vary certain transaction limits, change operating hours, add or delete any function, as well as enabling or disabling any transaction.
  • While the Bank takes all necessary precautions to ensure the confidentiality of customers' information, the Bank however gives no warranties against computer viruses or intrusions. The customer must take all necessary measures to protect private information. In addition, CIB does not guarantee any damages that may occur to the client while using OTP.
  • Under no circumstances may the customer reveal the passphrase or the OTP to any party including bank staff, any damage or loss resulting from such disclosure is completely the responsibility of the customer and the Bank has no responsibility of any transaction resulting from such disclosure.
  • The customer bears full responsibility of transactions and requests performed on E-Banking, and under no case can the customer object to a transaction or request performed via the E-Banking channels.
  • To unsubscribe from the Higher Authentication Service, the customer shall contact the call center on 19666.
  • The usage of the service is subject to the terms and conditions signed in the account opening form.
  • Usage of E-Banking service is governed by the Egyptian law.