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Get a free Voucher from elmenus when you register to smart wallet or perform a financial transaction through the wallet.

If you haven't tried Smart Wallet yet, then register and start using it! Because Smart Wallet has teamed up with elmenus to give out vouchers worth  EGP50 valid until 30 September 2020 to the first 500 lucky customers that will register by sending an SMS to 4435, as well as the first 500 users to perform financial transactions.

Hurry up and send your national ID to 4435 to register to Smart Wallet and experience real convenience and great rewards. This offer is valid until 30 September 2020.


How can I register to Smart Wallet?

If you are a CIB customer, all you have to do is: 

  • If you're a CIB customer and would like to register on smart wallet and link any of CIB cards (credit/debit) to easily load your wallet you need to:
    • Send the following in an SMS from your registered mobile number at the bank to 4435: national ID number # the last 4 digits of your card's number
  • Example: 29012345678912#1234 The SMS should be sent using the mobile number that is registered at the bank and you want to register to CIB Smart Wallet with.
  • Within 7 working days, our team will contact you to complete your card validation, and your card will then be automatically linked to your wallet.
  • The maximum daily transactions limit is EGP 30,000, the maximum monthly transactions limit is EGP 50,000 and the wallet balance limit is EGP 50,000.


If you are not a CIB customer:

  • Send the following in an SMS to 4435: national ID
  • Example: 29012345678912
  • After successful registration, you are required to visit one of the Authorized Banking Agents (shown below) within 90 days to complete your registration process. If you do not do this, your Smart Wallet will be closed. This step is not required by existing CIB customers.
  • The daily/monthly maximum transactions limit is 10,000 EGP and the maximum wallet balance is 10,000 EGP until the registration process mentioned above is completed


General Terms and Conditions:

  • The SMS should be sent using the mobile number you want to register to CIB Smart Wallet with.
  • The national ID must be valid.
  • You do not need to have a CIB bank account to have a CIB Smart Wallet
  • The mobile number used to register should be registered to the submitted national ID number at the telecommunication company's side
  • After sending the SMS, the bank will activate your wallet within 3 working days.
  • If you receive a rejection SMS, it is due to one of the below reasons:
    • Another mobile wallet is registered to your mobile number
    • The mobile number is not registered to your National ID at the telecommunication company's side.
    • Three mobile wallets are registered to your National ID


For more details, watch the video below:



Terms and conditions apply.