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Turbo Cash Service

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Turbo Cash Benefits

  • Transfer money in real time and around-the-clock to your family and friends, without the need to have a bank account
  • Few steps over ATM machine and you can transfer money


Transfer features:

  • The service is available on CIB ATM network ​only
  • Daily Limit EGP 3,000/day
  • Monthly limit EGP 5,000/month
  • The transaction Expiry period is five days, then depositor can redeem the deposited amount again

How can you use the service?

  • Register your mobile number in any CIB branches network (One time Only)
  • Head to nearest Deposit machine, and touch screen
  • Select "Turbo cash" and select "Transfer"option
  • Enter your mobile number and beneficiary mobile number
  • Enter the amount you want to transfer
  • SMS with the secret PIN code will be sent to your mobile and beneficiary mobile

Money Withdrawal:

  • Head to nearest CIB ATM network and Touch screen
  • Select "Turbo Cash"
  • Select "Receive"" option
  • Enter the Secret PIN code received via SMS on your mobile and beneficiary mobile
  • Enter your mobile
  • Take the transferred money