CIB's board of directors has six standing committees that assist in fulfilling its responsibilities. Each committee chairperson is responsible for briefing the board of directors on the major issues raised by the committee that he or she chairs. 

Committee Key Responsibilities Members

The Audit Committee

Supervising the quality and integrity of CIB's financial reporting
The committee was established to provide oversight of the integrity of the Bank’s financial reporting process, the effectiveness of the Bank’s internal control system and its compliance with all statutory requirements. The Committee is also responsible for overseeing and reviewing the performance of the Bank’s Internal Audit and Compliance functions, as well as the work of the Bank’s external auditors to ensure the independence and objectivity of each, in addition to the quality of the applied processes and outcomes.

Chair: Mr. Sherif Samy

Members:  Mr. Paresh Sukthankar, Mrs. Nevine Sabbour

The Risk Committee

Supervising risk management

This Committee oversees risk management functions through periodic reports submitted by the Risk Group. The Committee assesses compliance, concurs and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding risk management strategies, Bank’s Risk Appetite and risk related policies; including those related to (Capital Adequacy, liquidity management, various types of financial and non-financial risks: Credit, Market, Operation, Compliance, Reputation, and any other risks the Bank might be exposed to).

Chair:  Mr. Jay-Michael Baslow

Members:  Mr. Fadhel Al Ali, Mrs. Nevine Sabbour

The Compensation Committee

Responsible for compensation of the BoD and theBank's executive officers

This Committee was established to provide guidance to the BoD with regards to the appropriate compensation for the BoD and the Bank’s executive officers and to ensure that compensation is consistent with the Bank’s objectives, strategy, and control environment. The Committee ensures that clear policies for the Bank’s salaries and compensation schemes are in place and that they are effective at attracting and retaining the best caliber professionals.

Chair:Mr. Rajeev Kakar

Members: Mr. Paresh Sukthankar; Mr. Aziz Moolji

The Corporate Governance and Nomination Committee

Responsible for CIB's corporate governance as well as the Board's Nomination process and succession planning

It advises the BoD on the Bank’s governance framework and reviews new and amended changes to the BoD and Committees charters. This entails a periodic review of the Bank’s corporate governance structure and recommending changes, when and if necessary, to the BoD. The GNC contributes to board effectiveness and governance, it sets the criteria for selecting new directors and assisting the BoD in identifying suitable individuals for nomination as non-shareholders representatives BoD members.

Chair:  Mr. Paresh Sukthankar

Members:  Mr. Rajeev Kakar, Mr. Sherif Samy

The Operations and Technology Committee

Assisting the BoD in overseeing Bank operations and technology strategy and operations and technology risk

The Operations and Technology Committee assists the Board of Directors in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities over Operations and Technology, with respect to direction and alignment with the Bank’s strategy, efficiency and support of the business, robustness and resilience. In addition to ensuring they are at the forefront of developments and adopting cost justified best practices, with the objective of increasing bank competitiveness and reducing risks.

Chair:Mr. Rajeev Kakar

Members:Mr. Aziz Moolji, Ms. Hoda Mansour

The Sustainability Committee 

Oversees CIB‘s Sustainable Finance Strategy to ensure the effective integration of ESG practices. The Committee provides the Bank with strategic guidance on Environmental, Social, and Governance matters and oversees effective integration of ESG practices within the Bank’s business and operational functions while ensuring alignment with global and regional trends as well as with the Bank’s stakeholders’ values and interests.

Chair:Ms. Hoda Mansour

Members: Mr. Jay-Michael Baslow; Mr. Fadhel Al Ali

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