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Merchant Devices

Pay Now services provide a convenient and seamless experience for both the merchant and customer

Point of Sale Devices (POS)

CIB has the most updated terminals in the market for a convenient and seamless experience for the merchant and the end customer.

  • Our POS machines support contactless transactions to enable a fast, secure, and convenient way to process transactions just with one tap
  • We provide a dedicated Relationship Manager model 
  • We are the only bank to offer Mini POS to support your on-the-go business. Mini POS also supports contactless transactions

QR Codes

The QR code (Quick Response code) is an instant and cashless payment service that is becoming increasingly popular, as Egypt begins enabling this type of purchase.

Customers can use QR codes to pay for products or services simply by scanning the merchant generated QR code using their smart phone's camera

  • QR codes are safer faster than conventional payment methods
  • They allow small and micro businesses to accept mobile payments

Sign up for the QR code payment service now by contacting 0224565999.


Our e-commerce service allows merchants to accept online payments quickly, securely and easily by using any kind of payment cards. It supports any payment generated from your online store, whether it is through a website or a mobile application. Among its benefits are:

  • Most efficient fraud prevention tool
  • Fastest transaction processing
  • Fast platform integration TAT

*All Fees applied as setup, monthly and value-added services are waived till end of December 2023 under CBE’s initiative for all MSME’s requesting E-commerce services newly and fulfilling the initiative conditions.

Value-added services

CIB provides additional value-added services to extend your sales and increase the traffic at your stores


CIB cardholders can install their purchases from your store. This will drive a higher number of customers and increases your sales and profitability.

Dynamic Currency Conversion
This feature allows international cardholders to pay for goods and services in their card currency. For example a European guest on holiday in Egypt will be able to pay for their goods in Euros when using their debit or credit cards.

Merchant Portal
Through the portal you'll be able to access all the accepted payments in a user-friendly format. The portal will also issue daily automated e-statements in a number of formats, and it allows a simple and clear reconciliation process.

For more information on these services, please contact us:



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