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Commercial International Bank- Egypt (CIB) is pleased to announce the launch of the “Celebrating the Farmers’ Day Financial Inclusion Initiative under the auspices of the Central Bank of Egypt” from the 1st of September to the 15th of September 2023. The initiative aims to empower all farmers to access the bank’s products and services designed to fit their banking and financial needs.

The initiative offers the following products:

  1. Bedaya Savings Account
  2. Meeza Prepaid Card
  3. CIB Smart Wallet

The benefits and features of each product:

  1. Bedaya Savings Account
    • Only a national ID is required to open the account
    • 4% monthly interest starting EGP 1
    • Free debit card issuance
    • EGP 5 monthly subscription fees
    • Offered to new-to-bank Egyptian citizens only
    • EGP 100 per visit in-branch fees on the following transactions:
      • Cash deposit (except for account opening and closure)
      • Cash withdrawal (except for account opening and closure)
      • Internal and external transfers have additional fees (CBE instructions regarding fee exemptions to be considered)
      • Credit card settlement regardless of the amount
    • Defined limits:
      • Daily debit transaction limit: EGP 30,000
      • Monthly debit transaction limit: EGP 100,000
      • Account balance limit: EGP 250,000
    • In case of a limit breach, the account will be suspended and the customer will have to visit the branch to fill out a full KYC form and change the account type.


  2. Meeza Prepaid Card
    • This card is the easiest and quickest card that can be issued and is available to Egyptian citizens only. Customers don’t need to have a bank account nor income proof to apply. They can apply with a valid National ID.
    • Customers can withdraw cash from ATMs and make local purchases and e-commerce transactions using the card
    • Spending limits:
      • ATM daily withdrawal limit: EGP 10,000
      • Purchase spending limit: EGP 20,000
      • Monthly spending limit: EGP 100,000


  3. CIB Smart Wallet
    • Send and receive money from your wallet to any other wallet in Egypt
    • Pay all your bills (mobile, internet, landline, utility), top up your mobile, donate to various organizations, etc.
    • Issue online cards with your desired amount to be used for online purchases
    • Purchase and pay for goods from any merchant that has the “Meeza Digital” logo by scanning the merchant’s QR Code
    • Deposit/withdraw cash to/from any ATM in Egypt that has the “Meeza Digital” logo
    • Deposit/withdraw cash to/from any authorized banking agent outlet


Visit the nearest CIB branch now to benefit from the initiative.

*Terms & conditions apply.

Tax registration number: 204-891-949.


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