Money market and fixed income products

The perfect solutions for investing excess liquidity

With CIB's Money Market and Fixed Income Products and Funds, you will receive advice on investing liquidity in debt instruments including government issued treasury bills and treasury bonds.

Main Features:

  • Work with a highly experienced and influential team in the local debt market
  • T-Bills maturities of 3,6,9, and 12 months
  • T-Bonds maturities of 5 and 10 years
  • Highly competitive prices on secondary market offers
  • Round-the-clock service

    FX Currency

    Get advice on sourcing foreign currencies and hedging against currency risk

    Through this product, you will receive advice on all FX-related transactions, allowing clients to source foreign currency and hedge against currency risk.

    Main Features:

  • Spot foreign exchange transactions delivered within xxxx days.
  • Forward contracts to buy or sell foreign currencies at a future date and agreed price.
  • Currency swaps to convert one currency to another and reverse with no exchange risk.
  • Foreign Exchange Options to protect against adverse currency fluctuations and capitalize on gains.
  • Derivative instruments

    Hedge your interest rate risk

    Get advice on trading a variety of derivative instruments from simple to structured options to hedge against interest rate risk.

    Main Features:

  • Interest Rate Swaps to hedge against interest rate changes over the long term.
  • Interest Rate Caps /Floors/Structured products
  • Participating Forwards
  • Premium Embedded Options
  • Zero-Cost Cylinders

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