Our adoption of the Equator Principles will help the Bank further implement sustainable finance best practices
These international set of standards will guide us as we further commit to social and environmental risk management in our internal policies and project finance

As a leader in responsible banking, over the years CIB has taken major steps to pave the way for the market to shift to sustainable and responsible business models that take into account the environment, society, and climate change.
In a further push towards sustainable finance best practices, CIB has adopted the Equator Principles (EPs). The EPs is a risk management framework, adopted by financial institutions, for determining, assessing and managing environmental and social risk in projects and is primarily intended to provide a minimum standard for due diligence and monitoring to support responsible risk decision-making.
By adopting the EP, CIB is committed to implement sustainable finance best practices in our internal environmental and social policies, procedures and standards for financing projects and will not provide project finance or project-related corporate loans to projects where clients will not, or are unable to comply with the EPs.
The adoption of the EPs reaffirms CIB's commitment to responsible risk management first demonstrated in 2016 when it established the Environmental and Social Risk Management (ESRM) system that enables the Bank to identify, manage, and mitigate environmental and social risks that are associated with clients. It ensures that the Bank considers the environmental and social risks of its prospective financing opportunities and empowers the Bank to engage with prospective clients to manage and mitigate these identified risks.
Taking this step highlights our commitment to social and environmental risk management on a global scale. To date, 116 financial institutions in 37 countries have adopted the EPs.

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