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Whether you need to renew your license or passport, CIB Plus is here to take care of you. We understand that some of the simplest tasks can also be the most time-consuming and stressful, this is why at CIB we are offering our Plus customers a highly personalized tailored set of services from Les Concierges Egypt.

Our personalized and proactive concierge program is your ideal partner for all government services. With CIB Plus Concierge, there will be no need to journey downtown or wait hours in line for government documents. Instead, just let CIB Plus handle all your paperwork with no added charges. We handle and deliver all necessary legislative paperwork right to your doorstep, freeing up your time so you can enjoy the very best life has to offer.

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CIB Business Online Portal

Whereas Commercial International Bank – Egypt introduces Corporate Electronic Banking Services through the Bank's website, whereby clients can view their Accounts balances, transfer cash to accounts inside or outside CIB, Direct Debit transactions, Settlement and international trade transactions through the Bank's website.

Whereas the client wishes to participate in these services through Commercial International Bank – Egypt.

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Enjoy a convenient and affordable banking experience when you open any of CIB’s Easy accounts.

With a CIB Easy account, you can manage your daily banking needs on a variety of digital platforms.

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