Features CIB’s newest Charge & Go prepaid card is a single card for all transactions.

Customers can enjoy exclusive benefits that simplify their daily expenses, from grocery shopping to dining, online shopping to streaming apps – the possibilities are endless!
Charge and Go

Help manage finances 

Easily load funds, choose how to spend, and reload the card anytime at a CIB ATM. 

Useful for teenagers

Available to those who are 16 and older, processed instantly with a valid national ID, and no bank account needed.

Enjoy exclusive discounts and offers

Use while traveling

Make online or in-person local and international purchases.

Digitally convenient

Can be linked to Smart Wallet, use the card on online purchases, and limits the need for cash

Issued instantly

Card is issued instantly with a valid national ID and no need to open bank account.

Offers Get access to exclusive offers with your Charge and Go Prepaid Credit Card

More details The fees and charges of the Charge and Go Card

Item Fees and Charges
Issuance fees


Replacement Fees 35 EGP
Cash Withdrawal Fees CIB ATMs: Free, Non-CIB ATMs: Free
Reload Fees CIB Branches: 10 EGP, CIB ATMs: Free
Maximum Card Load Balance 20,000 EGP
Maximum Daily Cash Withdrawal limit 6,000 EGP
Maximum Daily Cash Withdrawal Count 10 Transactions
Maximum Daily Cash Purchase Limit 8,000 EGP
Maximum Daily Cash E-commerce Limit 2,000 EGP
Maximum Daily Purchase & E-Commerce Count 10 Transactions
Maximum Monthly Cash Withdrawal Limit 50,000 EGP
Maximum Monthly Cash Withdrawal Count 30 Transactions
Maximum Monthly Purchase & E-Commerce Limit 50,000 EGP
*Issuance fees and cash withdrawal fees from Non-CIB ATMs will be waived until 31 December 2021.


Requirements What you need to get you Charge & Go prepaid Card

Terms and conditions apply

  • For Egyptians
  • Above the age of 16
  • Customer cannot have more than one prepaid card from the bank

*Terms and conditions apply

  • Copy of valid National ID
  • Income proof in case of the job title not mentioned on national ID 
  • Guardian data for customers less than 21 years old
  1. Please visit the nearest CIB branch
  2. Provide the required documents
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