Types CIB Meeza Cards

Meeza Cards boast different benefits that meet different customer needs


Meeza Generic Prepaid Card

The easiest and quickest Meeza card that can be issued. The card can be issued for Egyptians only using their valid national ID, without having to open a bank account.

Meeza Governmental Prepaid Card

Issued for governmental institutions employees. The card is an easy solution to transfer salaries and pensions regardless of the amount of the
monthly salary earned 

Flexible and easy to use

Withdraw cash from ATMs, conduct purchases and e-commerce transactions locally only

Secure spending

The Meeza Card has an EGP 30,000 daily spending limit and  EGP 100,000 monthly spending limit

Safe spending

Spend safely with Chip and PIN technology and using a One Time Password (OTP) for that extra layer of security for online transactions

Offers Discover the newest offers in CIB

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Fees and limits The details of your Meeza Card usage

Card type / Fee Line Meeza Generic Prepaid Card (Karty) Meeza Governmental Prepaid Card
Issuance fees Free until December 2022 Free
Annual fees EGP 15 EGP 20
Replacement fees EGP 15 EGP 20
Cash withdrawal fees CIB ATMs: Free
CIB ATMs: Free
Reload fees CIB ATMs: Free
CIB Branches: EGP 10
CIB ATMs: Free
CIB Branches: NA
Maximum monthly reload amounts EGP 100,000 NA
Maximum daily cash withdrawal limit EGP 10,000

EGP 20,000

Maximum number of daily cash withdrawal transactions



Maximum daily purchase limit EGP 20,000 NA
Maximum number of daily purchase transactions 10 10
Maximum monthly cash withdrawal limit EGP 50,000 EGP 100,000
Maximum monthly purchase limit EGP 50,000 EGP 100,000
Maximum number of monthly cash withdrawal transactions


Maximum number of daily purchase transactions 30 NA
Maximum card balance

EGP 100,000

EGP 200,000

Card validity 3 or 5 years based on the printed expiry date on the card 5 years

Requirements What you need to get any Meeza Card

Visit your nearest branch and submit the required documents to receive the card

Must be above the age of 16 and provide the national ID. Egyptians only.
To issue a Meeza governmental card, the customer must be employed at a contracted governmental entity.

 *In case the permanent address is different than the one that’s mentioned on your national ID then a utility bill must be provided to issue your Meeza Generic Prepaid Card.

Meeza Karty 

  1. Complete an application form at one of our Branches
  2. Provide the following documents: A valid national ID
  3. The Meeza prepaid card will be already activated once you receive it from the branch\
  4. Visit the nearest CIB ATM to select your PIN

Meeza Governmental Payroll

Kindly refer to your governmental entity.

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