Features The right choice for a better banking experience

CIB Prime offers a banking experience with unique benefits and an array of products and services tailored for you


Grow your funds, secure your future

Enjoy a wide range of diverse savings accounts and saving schemes to help you save with CIB! 

Elevate your shopping experience

Earn BONUS points or Miles depending on how you want your rewards. Our BONUS and MilesEverywhere loyalty programs will give you the perks you need to treat yourself. 

Banking on the go

Control your accounts, cards and funds with CIB's Online Banking platforms and our ATMs.

Loans made just for you

Finance your different needs with our loans! Whether it's buying a car, paying for your children’s education, or traveling!

Forget cash, use your card!

Enjoy a safe and convenient shopping experience with our credit and debit cards and earn BONUS points or miles in the process.

CIB in your pocket

Our Smart Wallet is an easy-to-use mobile app, where you can quickly and securely pay your bills, transfer funds, make online purchases, and more!

Treat yourself when you spend

Earn BONUS points with our loyalty program, and spend them as you like. Learn more about our Prime Me bundle, which showers you with BONUS points.

Travel and enjoy every moment!

Take advantage of your time and your passion. Travel and explore new cultures and cities with the help of our Travel Loan.

Invest in yourself, invest in your education

Our Education Loan and partnerships will help you kick start your career with an education at one of Egypt's top universities.

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Achieve your life goals 

Want to buy a home, fund your education or become a millionaire? Learn about how we can help you achieve your goals.

Explore our Life Goals

Ways to Bank Bank on the go with CIB Prime!

Online banking

Access CIB’s Online Banking services on the go! Manage your finances anytime, anywhere and make your payments easier and faster

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CIB Smart Wallet

Your mobile is your wallet! With CIB Smart Wallet app, you can perform all financial transactions quickly and securely from the comfort of your couch

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Wherever you are, benefit from our 24/7 digital services! Explore CIB’s ATM network of more than 1,200 ATMs across Egypt and find your nearest ATM

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Segments Compare CIB Prime to other CIB segments

Take a look at the different benefits each segment offers

Prime Customers

Among many other benefits, as a Prime customer you'll receive:

  • Increase your savings with Savers Account and choose from a wide range of currencies and interest payment frequencies
  • CIB credit cards: the best credit cards offering a wide variety of discounts with a variety of popular merchants
  • Personal loans: special rates for payroll customers and 'Solfa we Aman' loan with insurance benefits to be paid back over up to five years
  • Exclusive services such as monthly offers on all CIB cards customized for your needs and exclusive benefits for payroll customers
  • Perks such as vouchers and coupons exclusively for Prime customers

Plus Customers

Among many other benefits, as a Plus customer you'll receive:

  • Preferential rates for savings accounts
  • Plus Titanium debit card with EGP 75 issuance fees and credit card limits up to EGP 150,000
  • Financing up to EGP 250,000
  • Fast track services at all CIB branches; preferential fees and charges; Plus-branded chequebook; lifestyle privileges when spending with Platinum cards; renewal of governmental documents and concierge services through Les Concierge Egypt
  • Exclusive perks such as a welcome pack, a New Year's gift, events invitations, vouchers and coupons

Wealth Customers

Among many other benefits, as a Wealth customer you'll receive:

  • Special investment portfolios through CI Capital
  • Wealth Platinum debit card with free issuance and credit card limits up to EGP 500,000 
  • Financing up to 1.8M EGP for Wealth customers & up to 3.4M EGP for Exclusive Wealth customers
  • Luxury services including priority service at CIB branches, Wealth lounges, preferential fees and charges, safe box and Wealth-branded chequebook, unique lifestyle privileges upon spending with your platinum cards
  • Concierge services through Les Concierge Egypt and CIB World and World Elite credit cards
  • Perks including a welcome package, exclusive event invitations and vouchers, partnerships with VIP lifestyle brands
  • Enhanced SMS Notification Services

Private Customers

Among many other benefits, as a Private customer you'll receive:

  • Private Portfolio Management Services with management by CI Asset Management
  • CIB World Elite credit card with limits up to EGP 2 million, and discounted markup fees 
  • Personal loan finance up to EGP 8 million and Overdraft facility up to EGP 1 million
  • Exclusive Services including priority service at CIB branches, and exclusive Private Hub in Zamalek. Exclusive preferential fees and safe box and Private-branded chequebook
  • The highest transaction limits on Online banking. Settle your cards or transfer money between accounts with a daily limit of up to EGP 20 million
  • Concierge services through Les Concierges Egypt and World Elite Concierge Services
  • Perks including events invitations and strategic partnerships with established high-end brands in Egypt
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