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Facility Pack

 The best of both worlds

With the Private Facility Pack, you can get the best of our revolving overdraft facility and our personal loans, in one convenient package

Soaring limits

The bundle is worth up to EGP 1 million

The choice is yours

The Facility Pack will provide you with either short- or long-term financing that can be converted in to other facilities moving forward.

A host of additional benefits

You will receive a sign-up gift of 1 BONUS point for every EGP 2, which can be redeemed with same value as that of the credit cards. Once you convert to a personal loan, you will receive 1 BONUS point for every EGP 1 as a conversion


Minimal fees

When converting from short to long term financing, a conversion fee of 2% will apply. To convert from long to short term financing, there will be a 5% conversion fee.

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