The integration of sustainability into CIB’s core operation started at the highest level with signoff from the Bank’s Board of Directors who are committed to advancing the bank’s governance structures to ensure the integration of ESG into the bank’s policies and culture.

Sustainability Board Committee

The Sustainability Board Committee acts on behalf of the Board in overseeing all sustainability-related efforts and supports the integration of environmental, social and governance (ESG) aspects across the Bank to generate value for all stakeholders. It approves CIB' sustainability framework, strategies, policies, international affiliations and memberships.

Sustainable Finance Steering Committee (SFSC)

The SFSC is a cross-functional committee that includes Board and Executive Management representation, with a mission to establish, guide, empower and monitor the Sustainable Finance department, in line with CIB’s business needs and international best practices. The committee ensures seamless integration of the environmental, social, and governance pillars across all the bank’s policies, operations and functions and lines of business.

Sustainable Finance Department

The Sustainable Finance department ensures the centrality of sustainability as a core business strategy, and provides a solid platform for the integration of sustainability, and environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles across the Bank’s functions.

Sustainability Strategic Network

The Sustainability Strategic Network (SSN) is a cross-functional, multi-stakeholder organizational structure that includes key representatives from across the Bank, linking functions and departments together. This structure is a knowledge-based and action-oriented network, focused on advancing broadly articulated sustainability issues. The SSN is an integral component of the Bank’s sustainability governance structure, as it ensures an inclusive and participatory approach to embed sustainability within CIB.

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