We follow the latest business continuity and resilience practices to stay aligned with our goal of being Egypt's Bank to Trust. Our adoption of these practices is due to our understanding of our responsibility to provide you with the best possible service at all times. We are committed to providing our customers with uninterrupted services and support, including protecting their investments, assets and funds while being fully aware that the unexpected can and does occur. Over the years, we've successfully and effectively managed the different threat scenarios encountered in the country with our business continuity plans, designed to be flexible in responding to actual and unpredictable events that the bank may face.

CIB was the first and only local bank in Egypt to start enforcing Business Continuity standards in 2010, we are ISO 22301 certified in Business Continuity Management, which means we meet the standards for a management system that protects against disruptive incidents, reduces the likelihood of disruptive incidents, and ensures our recovery from disruptive incidents.

Our plans provide structure and guidance for customers and employee safety in CIB’s premises and regulated procedures to continuously provide our customers with the best possible service.

Our business continuity plans are reviewed and tested regularly to guarantee its effectiveness and reliability to ensure they account for technology, business and regulatory changes, operations, structure and location. All plans are kept confidential and are not distributed to the public.

We believe it is essential that you remain confident in our commitment and ability to provide ongoing services during disruptive events. We are committed to maintain effective client communication and provide them with the necessary support at all times.

For more information you can always reach us through our hotline 19666.

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