Committee Key Responsibilities Members

The Management Committee

Responsible for execution of the Bank's strategy

The Committee is responsible for executing the Bank’s strategy as approved by the BoD. The Committee manages the day-to-day functions of the Bank to ensure alignment with strategy, effective controls, risk assessment, and efficient use of the Bank’s resources. The Committee also monitors the Bank’s strategic associates and subsidiaries.

Chair:Mr. Hussein Abaza

Members:CIB SeniorManagement

The High Lending and Investment Committee

Responsible for asset allocation, quality, and development

This Committee is responsible for managing the assets side of the balance sheet, through keeping an eye over assets allocation, quality, and development as stipulated in the Bank’s Credit and Investment Policies. HLIC is the authority responsible for monitoring the decisions and performance of the other Credit Committees in the Bank.

Chair: Mr. Hussein Abaza

Members: CIB Senior Management

Non-Performing, Written Off and Involuntary Investments Committee

This committee is responsible for managing and approving IB Non Performing Accounts (R.R. 8 – R.R. 10), Involuntary Investments and Written Off exposures for both Corporate Banking and Business Banking Accounts.

Chair: Mr. Hussein Abaza

Members: CIB Senior Management

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