Institutional Banking

Corporate Banking and Global Customer Relations Group

Widely recognized as Egypt’s preeminent corporate bank, CIB serves enterprises ranging from industry leading corporates to medium-sized businesses.

Debt Capital Markets

Global product knowledge, local expertise, and capital resources make CIB an Egyptian industry leader in project finance, syndicated loans, securitization, bonds, and structured finance. CIB’s project finance and syndicated loan teams facilitate market access for large borrowers, providing them with world-class services at exceptional execution times.

Direct Investment

As a local player that adheres to widely acclaimed international standards, CIB actively participates in select direct investment opportunities in Egypt and across the region, maximizing return on investment.

Financial Institution Group

CIB provides a diverse set of banking and financial services designed to suit the needs of different financial institutions through facilities tailored to address the financing needs of banking and non-banking financial institutions.

Treasury and Capital Market Services

CIB delivers world-class services in the areas of cash and liquidity management, capital markets, foreign exchange, and derivatives.

Strategic Relations Group

CIB is dedicated to servicing its prime institutional entities through the Strategic Relations Group. SRG carries out this function with highly qualified relationship managers, who supply our customers with exclusive, personalized services, catering to their unique business needs. The market segment covered by SRG contains strategic entities, including, but not limited to, the vast majority of sovereign diplomatic missions.

Enterprise and Governmental Relations Group 

Enterprises and Governmental Relations aims at managing the Bank’s relationship with strategic governmental and large enterprises by focusing on providing first class service and lifetime value for top tier local and regional companies under state owned enterprises, governmental entities or sovereign authorities, which require a more sophisticated level of service in order to increase their business with CIB. In addition to creating new business opportunities for other lines of business out of those customers through offering different corporate, digital and consumer products and services.

Global Transaction and Digital Banking

The Bank’s Global Transaction and Digital Banking Group manages all corporate and consumer digital channels to fully integrate the Bank into our clients’ daily lives. It develops simple, reliable, and consultative digital experiences that meet customers’ needs anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

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Retail Banking

Consumer Banking

The Consumer Banking Division is the core engine to CIB's dynamic service offering, providing a broad range of retail clients in different customer segments (Prime, Plus, Wealth, or Private) an extensive bundle of products and services tailored to satisfy their needs.These products are diversified from personal to specialized lending solutions, cash management services to credit and debit card offerings, in light with a full-fledged competitive analysis in depth.

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Business Banking

The Business Banking segment serves over 77,000 SMEs with revenues ranging from EGP 1 million to over EGP 200 million through a network of over a hundred experienced relationship managers. The division works with clients across the industry, providing market-leading services and innovative, bespoke solutions for small and medium enterprises as it works to cement CIB’s position as a bank of choice for business owners.

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Representative Offices

Dubai Representative Office

CIB launched its UAE operations in 2005, allowing for a direct presence in the GCC region to offer a full range of products to retail and corporate clients. The Dubai Representative Office offers its existing and new customer base consultation regarding the Egyptian market thanks to CIB’s strong business foothold and track record. The office focuses on attracting and channeling inbound investments and cementing relationships with reputable GCC corporations with investment or planned investments in Egypt and Africa, in addition to targeting high-net-worth individuals and business banking clients with an appetite for the Egyptian market. The office creates a bridge between the GCC market and the Egyptian market to provide growing opportunities for the Bank, while extending its business portfolio and plays a key role in building and maintaining relationships with large corporate clients and financial institutions in the GCC to boost the corporate and trade finance business in Egypt. These strategic alliances are key to the expansion strategy of the Bank, allowing it to leverage unique opportunities to offer clients extensive financial tools while providing valuable market information for GCC clients.

Addis Ababa Representative Office

CIB established its Ethiopia Representative Office in April 2019. Based in the Kirkos Sub City, Addis Ababa, the office has been fully operational since 19 July 2019. Entering one of the most attractive markets in the region, with one of the highest GDP growth rates globally over the last few years and the second largest population in Africa, CIB will be able to further its expansion strategy for tremendous growth opportunities. The office works closely with Egyptian corporations operating in Ethiopia, as well as international and local financial institutions to offer creative solutions for their foreign and local financing needs. The office maintains and builds relationships with Egyptian expatriates in Ethiopia to cater to their personal financial needs by capitalizing on CIB’s outstanding retail products, digital banking solutions, and wide branch network. The focus on developing strong ties with Ethiopian banks will pave the way to establishing on-the-ground market intelligence within the country.


Subsidiaries and Affiliates 

Mayfair CIB Bank Limited

In line with CIB's mandate to explore and assess opportunities in Africa and build a bridge for Egyptian customers to benefit from regional integration efforts across the continent, CIB acquired 51% of the Kenyan Mayfair Bank Limited, now known as Mayfair CIB Bank Limited. In a total transaction value of USD 35.35 million in the form of a capital increase, CIB finalized its first cross-border operation in May 2020, reflecting the Bank's commitment to promote intra-African integration and business growth. The Bank was established in 2017 by a group of Kenyan investors ad services small and medium enterprises, large corporate clients and high net worth individuals.


CVentures is Egypt’s first corporate venture capital firm focused primarily on investing in financial technology companies with the potential to create meaningful change in financial services. CVentures primarily participates in Series A and Series B investment rounds, and seed investment rounds in core financial applications including, but not limited to, capital markets and payments, money transfers and remittances, digital lending and financial data platforms, artificial intelligence, data analytics and machine learning, security and enterprise IT, insuretech, blockchain, marketing and customer experience, alternative finance, regtech, and digital banking solutions.

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Falcon Group

Falcon Group provides a wide array of services including, but not limited to security services, money transfer, technical systems and security products, public services and project management, and tourism and concierge services to a variety of industries such as the industrial, commercial, tourism, and public sectors. The group provides state-of-the-art solutions tailored to every client’s specific requirements.

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Fawry Plus

Fawry Plus is one of Egypt’s leading payment platforms, providing a wide array of banking and financial services to end consumers and businesses through a network of retail branches across Egypt, focusing on serving urban and underserved regions. Fawry Plus branches provide banking services including limited KYC services and document collection required for mobile wallet registration, prepaid and credit card issuance, loan issuance, and account opening. Other services include collecting bank correspondence and mail, cash withdrawal and deposits, repaying loan and credit card dues, as well as various bill payments such as utility, telecom, subscription fees, taxes, and fines.

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