Features and benefits

Our corporate portal will help you become an improved informational organization by issuing detailed transaction reports, SWIFT standard formats like MT 940 for your company’s transactions and accessing the Teller Extra Information. In addition to:

  • Elevating communication with our customers
  • Improving the customer experience in the reconciliation process
  • Automating everyday tasks
  • Improving efficiency for multiple teams
  • Improving analytical data and reporting
  • Helping you take the right decisions in a timely manner
  • Monitor your cash flow as you will get access to post-dated checks reports and checks under collection

Available reports


  • Cash deposits details report: a tailor-made tool to enable companies capture and reconcile the company’s cash deposits efficiently
  • Customized reports based on pre-specified details built into the teller module. These details are specified by the client and inputted by teller for every cash deposit made to clients account(s). The extra fields can contain: Depositor’s ID, Depositor’s name, Depositor’s email, Depositor mobile number, etc
  • Extra Teller Information report: a specially designed tool that enables our customers to review the full details of an account deposit.

    Other reports

  • e-Statements: Extract online historical statements for company accounts
  • MT940 swift statement: A standard structured SWIFT Customer Statement message
  • Liquidity Services: Inquire about your checks’ status through the comprehensive Postdated Checks and Ongoing Cheques reports to maintain your company’s liquidity and incoming cash flow
  • Other Reports: Issue reports contains loan facilities, time deposits and loans

    Frequently asked questions

    Useful questions that may help you with Corporate Download Portal

    • Helps improve informational organization.
    • Elevates communication with customers.
    • Provides advanced customer service and experience in the reconciliation process.
    • Leads to improved analytical data and reporting.
    Please refer to your Relationship Manager, or visit the nearest branch to sign up for CIB Business Online by filling out the application form and selecting Corporate Download Portal.

    Our teams are available via the following e-mails:

    For cash services: cash.management@cibeg.com

    For trade services: trade.management@cibeg.com

    For technical issues: GTS.SUPPORT@cibeg.com


    Digital Contact Center: 16644

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